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Riders In The Sky

Riders Radio Theater was a half hour, weekly, cult favorite/public radio show performed live by the two-time Grammy Award-winning western and comedy band Riders In The Sky in Nashville and Cincinnati from 1988-1995. Called at the time "the fastest half hour in radio," each show featured western music, wacky commercials, the National Polka Countdown, characters and comedy bits of all sizes and descriptions, and a cliffhanging serial adventure... all liberally sprinkled with country and folk music guest stars and legends. It was the Golden Age of High Yodeling Adventure and it deserves to live again!

180 Episodes

  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: The Glitch That Stole Christmas (Part 2 of 2)


    A bleak and unhappy Christmas spirit has descended upon our peaceful and bucolic Valley. Nowhere is there joy and laughter, nowhere except in the rank and dimly lit backroom of the Dry Gulch Saloon. Thanks to a devious transaction scheme that has left Tumbleweed Valley penniless, Slocum and Charlie are laughing their way to a faraway Dry Tortugas bank. Can Riders In The Sky thwart this yuletide disaster?!
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: The Glitch That Stole Christmas (Part 1 of 2)


    The Christmas shopping season is short and frenzied in Tumbleweed Valley. And with the daily chores and the added work of preparing for the hard winter freezes to come, it’s not until the week before Christmas that residents do their shopping. Tumbleweed City merchants have stocked their stores in preparation for the weeklong stampede. It’s the evening prior to the Valley’s big shopping spree, and at Harmony Ranch, Sidemeat is fixing his infamous Christmas stew…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

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  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: Bean Bowl Serenade


    One of the most eagerly awaited days of the year in Tumbleweed Valley is New Year’s Eve. All day long there are lots of friends dropping by, and a real festive feeling is in the air. But the real celebration is saved for the evening in the kickoff of the Barbwire Conference football championship, the Bean Bowl. The Riders are in their home on the range preparing to leave for the big game…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: The Night They Bushwhacked Christmas


    It was the day before Christmas, and all through the land, everybody was bustling with last minute plans. There was shopping and wrapping and baking to do, as all awaited a visit from old you know who. The valley was glistening with fast falling snow, and the Riders rehearsed for the big Christmas Eve show…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: Titanic II (Part 2 of 2)


    Titanic II has sailed from Southampton and is en route to New York City. Meanwhile, Sidemeat has become enamored with the beautiful Rose, who is engaged, and Slocum and Charlie are posing as English lords. Their nefarious goal is to steal the largest diamond in the world, but an inadvertent skewing of the global positioning system has changed the ship’s course from New York City to Florida…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: Titanic II (Part 1 of 2)


    On April 14, 1912, at 11:40 PM, the largest movable manmade object the world had ever known, the unsinkable Titanic, scraped her starboard bow in the frigid North Atlantic, and the sinkable did the unthinkable. 88 years later, she’s back bigger and better than ever. It’s the year 2000, and Titanic II prepares to set sail on her maiden voyage. But tucked away in the deepest depths of the Floridian ocean lives a foreboding formation ten times bigger than the biggest iceberg ever known to man…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    Bonus Episode: War of the Worlds


    It was near the end of October 1999, and business was good. Unemployment was down, all economic indicators were up, and the only clouds on the horizon were Y2K, the millennium and Kenneth Starr. In the Starlight Rooftop Garden, high atop the Quality Hotel in downtown Norwood, OH, a live rumba music program is underway. But a sudden series of interruptions will change the course of the broadcast – and world – forever…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    1413 Raiders of the Vanishing Everglades


    Slocum and Charlie are well on their way to building a roller coaster empire in south Florida. The fact that their evil scheme could cause the ruination of one of America’s greatest national resources, the Everglades, mattered little to the two fiends. But it mattered to Riders In The Sky, who after thwarting the villains with the inadvertent help of a vacationing High Sheriff Drywall, are now in hot pursuit of them down interstate 95… featuring Danny Davis!
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    1412 Raiders of the Vanishing Everglades


    After using the “Snake Charmer’s Yodel,” Ranger Doug saved Riders In The Sky from certain, snake-filled doom, and the chase was resumed. Meanwhile, Slocum and Charlie rolled High Sheriff Drywall into a little ball and crammed him inside a runaway D10 Caterpillar. Unbeknownst to the villains, the D10 careened out of sight towards Everglades National Park, where a group of highway patrolmen set up a howitzer to blow the machine to smithereens…
  • Riders Radio Theater podcast

    1411 Raiders of the Vanishing Everglades


    Riders In The Sky have been thrown into a deep, snake-filled pit by the villains Slocum and Charlie! Fortunately, America’s Favorite Cowboys landed on a small ledge in the pit just out of snake striking distance. Meanwhile, High Sheriff Drywall, who has just finished the dike, has come to realize what Slocum is up to and has threatened to stop it… featuring Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer!

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