Revealing Your Secrets with Alyx Weiss podcast

Revealing Your Secrets with Alyx Weiss

Alyx Weiss | Kast Media

Hi, I’m Alyx Weiss, or Ayydubs on the Internet. If you’re here you’ve probably seen my Youtube series ‘Revealing Your Secrets’, where I share the wildest confessions you all send me. And, there is plenty more where that came from… welcome to Revealing Your Secrets the Podcast! Every week I will reveal your secrets in whatever way you’ll let me - through voicemails, written submissions, even talking to some of you about your secrets on the phone or in person! You’re only as sick as your secrets…so I’m here to hold space for you to share them. From revealing bizarre confessions as if they’re my own to strangers on the Internet, to unpacking the more disturbing subjects with our therapist, we now have a variety of new ways to engage with your submissions and offer more in return!

26 Episodes