Replay Per View podcast

Replay Per View

Brian Salisbury

Brian Salisbury and his brother Blake are watching and reviewing every WWE pay per view of the 21st Century in an effort to reinstate Brian’s lapsed fandom.

20 Episodes

  • Replay Per View podcast

    Rebellion 2001


    Your favorite stable of marks head back to England for Rebellion 2001.They break down the card, sample Nepalese street food, and discuss more Bible booking. Enjoy!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    No Mercy 2001


    The Salisboyz show a limited amount of mercy as they discuss No Mercy 2001.Enjoy, fellow marks!
  • Replay Per View podcast

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  • Replay Per View podcast

    Unforgiven 2001


    Your favorite stable of marks take on Unforgiven 2001, bathroom games, and the scariest PPV graphic of all time. What? Enjoy.What?
  • Replay Per View podcast

    Summerslam 2001


    Your favorite stable of marks turns up the heat as they discuss Summerslam, wrestler frozen pizza choices, and vampires in the audience. Download and listen! Subscribing is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    Invasion 2001


    The Salisboyz are joined by Gene Selassie and Richard Whittaker of the Thumbtacks and Screwjobs podcast to discuss the most anticipated pay-per-view of this show so far! And of course...discuss Celine Dion conspiracies? Ring the bell, it's RPV time!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    King of the Ring 2001


    Kurt Angle busts his ass, Vince McMahon books The Bible, and we declare the first winner of #KingoftheCast!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    Judgment Day 2001


    Your favorite stable of marks sits down to take on Stone Cold, brunch and T-1000 as they review Judgement Day 2001! Enjoy!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    Insurrextion 2001


    Welcome back, ReplayPerViewers! This week, your favorite stable of marks takes on 2001's Insurrextion...and all the XFL scores, moral victories, and Dudley dogs there contained. Want more wrestling content? Subscribe via Patreon for bonus RPV episodes!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    Backlash 2001


    Crawling out of the darkest timeline, RPV returns to its regularly scheduled programming with Fancy Dan officially joining the stable and some exciting content announcements! They also discuss Whacklash 2001. Typo? Hell no. Enjoy, ladies and marks!
  • Replay Per View podcast

    RPV: Grab Bag-ECW Unreleased Vol. 2


    The Stable is growing as The Salisboyz are joined by Colossus...a character they created in Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64 decades ago who has somehow now manifested in reality.The trio discusses the DVD release ECW Unreleased Vol 2, and then goes back and reevaluates their own evaluation of released ECW content based on this released Unreleased DVD. It's hardcore time/space manipulation. Enjoy!

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