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Discussions of Queerness in film, television and pop culture hosted by drag queen turned horror / movie host, Sydni Hampton. follow the podcast on IG and Twitter @ReelyQueer email the diva directly at Support this podcast:

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  • Reely Queer podcast

    Lost Episode: Death Becomes Her (with Adrian Rae)


    Hey Ghoulfriends- Reely Queer Podcast, as you can surely tell by the very distant postdates has been on a hiatus, kinda. Life is picking back up and between gigs, Reely Queer Movie Night (OCTOBER 17th at 7PM at Play Louisville!) and then my dreadful day job... its been very hard to find the time to coordinate recordings, research for said recordings and edit the episodes. Hopefully soon I'll be in a position to quit my day job and focus on Reely Queer, drag and other projects in the works. I miss you all and I'm grateful for the love and support! I'll have new content in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes PEELED on my socials for updates @ReelyQueer and @TheSydniHampton  Happy October, divas. --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    The Birdcage with @QueerKentucky's Spencer Jenkins


    Hey Divas! This week I'm joined by's Spencer Jenkins to discuss The Birdcage starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

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  • Reely Queer podcast

    CARRIE 1976 (with Gilda Wabbit)


    Sydni is joined by Louisville, KY's own Gilda Wabbit to discuss everything from religious horror, witchcraft, queer rage and so much more and our relationship to one of Sydni's favorite movies of all time, Stephen King's Carrie (1976) Reely Queer Movie Nights are BACK starting August 15, 2021, and this time it's gonna be at Play Louisville (1101 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40206) Follow @ReelyQueer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for details! --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Girls Will Be Girls with Zsa Zsa Gabortion


    Sydni is joined by local drag legend, Zsa Zsa Gabortion, to discuss THE camp classic starring Varla Jean Merman, Coco Peru, and Jack Plotnik, 'Girls Will Be Girls' It's an iconic piece of queer cinema and one that's sequel has been in post production since 2012. Unfortunately, at the time of recording, it was not available to stream anywhere- however, the day after we recorded, it was announced it'll be coming to streaming platforms for purchase tomorrow, June 1st, with a stunning restoration. Support the pod, follow @ReelyQueer on Twitter and Instagram. You can also donate if you're so kind at You can find Zsa Zsa @ZsaZsaGabortion on twitter, instagram & facebook (and check her pinned tweet for the 'fat slut goes down on entire parking lot at once' video as mentioned in the episode) You can find the host, Sydni Hampton, on all platforms @TheSydniHampton Reely Queer is proudly sponsored by The American Horror Plex, an LGBTQ Owned Louisville, KY-based haunt that's gearing up for it's 2021 Halloween Season. Visit for details.  --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Drop Dead Gorgeous (with Jake Rosenberger)


    Sydni is joined by Jake to discuss Drop Dead Gorgeous, a mockumentary-style film about a teen girl pageant in the midwest, where danger lurks behind every corner.  Find Reely Queer on Twitter and Insta @ReelyQueer --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Ticked Off T-Slurs with Knives with Eris Jolie Part II (featuring Chaselyn Wade)


    Part 2 of the Ticked off T-Slurs with Knives discussion, Sydni and Eris (the artist formerly known as Dolly Parts) discuss the films impact and legacy with Chaselyn Wade, who played Nurse Connie Lingus in TOTWK and did hair, make-up and wardrobe styling for the film. Reuploading the episode due to issues with the episode not loading on some platforms. --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Ticked Off T-Slurs with Knives with Eris Jolie


    Reely Queer is BACK, honey! Kicking things off we've got Louisville, KY's very own Eris Jolie (the artist formerly known as Dolly Parts), here to talk about the controversial 2010 revenge trans-ploitation film, Ticked Off ******* with Knives. We discuss the film's plot, impact, the reception and the representation it brought, both good and bad. Then, next week, we're honored to be joined by Chaselyn Wade, who played Nurse Connie Lingus, and did the hair, makeup and wardrobe for the film  to discuss her experiences on set, her relationship with the film then and now, and how she feels about the film herself as a transwoman. You can follow @ReelyQueer on Twitter and Instagram . . @ErisJolie on Twitter and Instagram and the host, Sydni Hampton, on Twitter and Instagram. Notable Time Stamps: 12:56 - Plot Analysis (includes light descriptions of violence against transwomen) 17:16 - Plot Analysis is concluded. We discuss the film, but I don't believe anything should be too worthy of a content warning. If you find something you feel should have a content warning, please reach out to me @ReelyQueer on Twitter or Instagram or email me directly at so I can include the timestamp in the description. --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Scott Pilgrim VS The World (with Cat of TGIF Podcast)


    Hey queens! In this episode Cat and I discuss Scott Pilgrim VS The World, and dissect it's queerness, both the good and the bad.  Tap here to check out TGIF Podcast, hosted by Cat.  and of course, follow Reely Queer and the queen diva herself by tapping here.  --- Support this podcast:
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 (with Adrian of Slash Her Pod)


    Hey GirLieS! This week Sydni is joined by Adrian from the Slash Her Podcast. Join us as we discuss growing up in small towns, how absolutely smokin' David Arquette is, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) as well as it's small screen counterpart. Tap here to follow Sydni's socials  Tap here to see Adrian's link tree!  Give Slash Her Podcast a listen and when you find yourself vibing with Adrian and Stormy, follow the pod and catch upcoming episodes.  ***Note: We recorded this episode prior to Charisma Carpenters' revelations regarding her treatment on set of Buffy and Angel, so it was not discussed. However, Joss Whedon is a well known abusive director and show-runner, and while it is extremely sad to hear of more and more people who experienced trauma at his hand, it's uplifting and beautiful to see how quickly folks who worked on sets with him will rally with their costars and stand with victims. Shout to Charisma and the cast of Buffy & Angel. If y'all ever happen upon this- your part in this universe helped shape a lot of lil gay kids, and we love and support you. xx --- Support this podcast:
  • Reely Queer podcast

    Hereditary (with Jake Rosenberger)


    Hey diva! Sydni and Jake back from a 2 week hiatus and excited to cover the incredible and depression-inducing Hereditary. Follow the pod @ReelyQueer on IG & Twitter or email us at Follow Sydni @TheSydniHampton on IG & Twitter --- Support this podcast:

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