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It's Week 14 and the Rams are looking to keep their winning streak going against the winless Jets. JB Long, D'Marco Farr and MJD preview the matchup.

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    What are the Rams thankful for after the bye week?


    It’s week 12 after the bye week for the Rams and the main topic is what everyone should be thankful for when it comes to the Rams this season. What does the loss of Robert Woods & the addition of OBJ mean for the offense? Also, will Von Miller take the next step in the Rams’ fearsome defense as they prepare to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    The Rams make another move: OBJ in LA!


    A special edition of Rams All Access for week 10 as the Rams make another move; this time Odell Beckham Jr. is coming to LA! What does this move mean for the offense moving forward? Also, there is still a Monday Night Football game against the 49ers to get ready for.
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  • Rams All Access podcast

    Week 9 vs. Titans: The Von Miller Effect & No King Henry for SNF


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr react to the blockbuster trade that has landed LB Von Miller on the Rams; what does the addition of Von to the defense mean for the rest of the season? Also, what does the Titans’ offense look like on Sunday Night Football with no Derrick Henry in the lineup?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Week 8: It’s a trip to Houston in Week 8 for the Rams – Can they chalk up another W?


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr get you ready for week 8 against the Houston Texans as the Rams look forward after the trade of LB Kenny Young and a slew of new injuries to the roster. Also, can the defense keep up their ‘bend but don’t break’ nature at the rate they are going? Plus, can the Rams catch the Cardinals in the NFC West standings?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Week 7 vs. Goff returns to L.A. to battle the Rams in SoFi Stadium


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr get you ready for a big week 7 as the Detroit Lions come to town with Jared Goff at the helm. The guys look back at the trade that changed everything for the Rams and their former QB. Also, how has Stafford changed the future of the Rams, and will Goff get shown some love by Rams fans in SoFi Stadium?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Rams dominate TNF vs. Seattle – Look Ahead to Wk 6 vs Giants


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr react to a dominating win by the Rams over division rival Seattle on Thursday Night Football. Can the Rams keep their winning ways going against a banged-up New York Giants team this week? Will the loss of Darius Williams in the secondary create depth issues on the defense? Plus, has the NFC West become a 2 team race for the playoffs?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Week 5 vs. A primetime matchup against the Seattle Seahawks on TNF


    J.B. Long & D’Marco are back on a short week as the Rams dust themselves off after a tough loss and get ready to take on Russell Wilson & the Seattle Seahawks for Thursday Night Football. Will Aaron Donald finally feast this season? Can Matthew Stafford bounce back during a primetime matchup against a division rival?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Previewing the NFL's only undefeated matchup in Week 4 - Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr get you ready for a week 4 showdown against division rival Arizona as both teams look to remain undefeated this season. Can the Rams defense contain Kyler Murray & the Cardinals offense? Also, will Stafford continue to keep the high-powered Rams offense going? Plus, is Jalen Ramsey a possible defensive MVP for the NFL this season?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Week 3 vs. Tom Brady & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr get you ready for week 3 from SoFi Stadium as the Rams prepare to take on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Can Matthew Stafford out duel TB12? Can the Rams’ defense hold down the Bucs offense?
  • Rams All Access podcast

    Which Rams impressed against the Bears & what are the matchups to look for vs. the Colts?


    J.B. Long & D’Marco Farr break down an impressive win against the Chicago Bears to open the season as several Rams players had big games. Also, what matchups against the Colts could favor the Rams and which ones could be a problem? Plus, the guys look at the NFC West and discuss which team could be the biggest threat to the Rams.

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