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Episode 134: Kristen Taylor (Miles to Nowhere)

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In ep134 we talk to the delightful Kristen Taylor, lead singer and songwriter for Miles to Nowhere. We talk her new album, recording studio, and her business doing the sound for touring bands! With music by Miles to Nowhere.

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  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 152: Meteors over Chicago!


    In ep152 Neil recounts traveling down to Reggies to see the Meteors in icy January. We also talk favorite gigs of 2021, and a weird "Top 10 punk movies of all time" list. Music by The Jasons, The Meteors, Covert Flops, The Panic Beats and The Streetz.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 151 - Mike Weinberg from Sexy Baby Records


    In ep151 we talk to Mike Weinberg, head of Sexy Baby Records, and co-owner of On Point Press. He is also a barber in Chicago! With music by The Vindictives, DeeCracks, Thirst Things First, Huntingtons, Stat Dad, and Tutu and the Pirates.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

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  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 150: Christmas vinyl avalanche!


    Ep150 is just the two of us! Tom has a new laptop and is kicked out of his pillow fortress! We also talk records we got over the christmas break. Music by Brass Tacks, Ramones, The Crusties, Flipper, The Drowns, Sack, Exploding Hearts and Year Zero.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 149: The Ramonas


    In Ep149 we talk to Maxine (guitar) and Vicky (bass) from The Ramonas, one of the UKs best all female punk bands. We talk their Ramones-tribute roots, how they have evolved, and their great new album Haphazard. All music by The Ramonas.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 148: Best of 2021 w/ Ricky Frankel


    Postage, Chubby and the Gang, Zoanoids, Plizzken, Amyl and the Sniffers, The Stranglers, The Chisel, The Copyrights, Dealing with Damage, Geoff Palmer, Teenage Bottlerocket, Mau Maus, Descendents, Antagonizers ATL, and Naked Raygun.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 147: Xmas 2021


    It's Christmas time! So what better way to spend it than with Tom and Neil as they reminisce and play kick-ass xmas songs! Music by The Prozacs, The Damned, City Mouse, Didjits, Geoff Palmer, The Black Halos, Clownvis, The Dickies and Slade.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 146: Chicago Shenanigans


    In ep146 Tom comes down to Chicago for 2 nights to see The Queers/Suzi Moon at Reggies! We take in both nights and chaos ensues. Music by Suzi Moon, The Queers, Capgun Heroes, Poison Boys, Huntingtons, Remote Control and Angelic Upstarts.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 145: Black Friday and Municipal Waste


    Ep145 is just the 2 of us! We talk Black Friday and Tom tells us about a Municipal Waste gig. With music by Municipal Waste, Dead Heat, The Effigies, Naked Raygun, Agression, The Vipers, The Chris Rolling Squad, Blag Dahlia, and The Ramonas.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 144: Latte+ (Chicco, Jay and Puccio)


    In Episode 144 we continue our European adventures by talking to the folks from Latte+, Italy's best Ramones-core band! Chicco, Puccio and Jay were great guests and talk their love of all things Ramone and Prorawk Records! All music by Latte+.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 143: Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos)


    In ep143 we talk to Billy Hopeless singer with longtime Canadian punk rock and roll vets The Black Halos. We go mainly chronological but with lots of weird rabbit holes and great stories. It's a good one! All music by The Black Halos.

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