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Episode 131: PRB final day and wrap-up

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In Ep131 we give our accounts of the final day of Punk Rock Bowling and give our overall thoughts on the even as a whole. And we have a vastly different take! Music by Dag Nasty, MDC, All, Riverboat Gamblers, English Beat and Devo.

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  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 142: TBR, Urbana, the Mayor and the dead rabbits!


    In ep142 Neil goes to C-U to see Teenage Bottlerocket. While there he met an old friend who became mayor! And Tom talks about killing rabbits! Music by TBR, Tightwire, The Last Gang, Greedy Loves, Dead Milkmen, Antiseen, The Mentors and Ravagers.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 140: Toby Jeg (Red Scare Industries)


    In ep140 we talk with the head honcho of Red Scare Industries, Toby Jeg. Despite the 4 vodkas and the echo on the phone we manage to get plenty out of him! Music by Tightwire, Heart + Lung, Elway, Bollweevils, Lillingtons, Sam Russo and Fleau.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

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  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 137: Ryan Malott (500 Miles to Memphis)


    In ep137 we chat with Ryan Malott, singer/guitarist and songwriter from 500 Miles to Memphis. We talk the band, and their new album Hard to Love. They describe their sound as Punk Americana, and we agree! With music by 500 Miles to Memphis.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 139: Siren Records + Sloppy Seconds


    In ep139 we describe our Siren Records in-store that you heard on ep138. We also discuss the Sloppy Seconds shows. Music by Capgun Heroes, Nobodys, Deadman's Shadow, Queers, Sloppy Seconds, Covert Flops, Necros and Wasted Youth.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 138: LIVE from Siren Records, McHenry IL


    Ep138 comes live from Siren Records in lovely McHenry IL! We talk to Alan (Dr Disc) from Goldmine Magazine, Bill from Siren Records and Jughead! Music by The Melvins, The Lillingtons, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Mitochondriacs and The DUIs.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 136: School Days


    In ep136 we take a step back in time and talk about our experiences in high school, esp. pertaining to punk. With music by Screeching Weasel, Starjets, The Replacements, Suburban Studs, Sloppy Seconds, Tours, The Queers and The Ex Pistols.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 135: FTW


    In ep135 we talk grocery shopping, read email and discuss cancel culture crap around Teenage Bottlerocket, UK Subs and Private Function. With songs by The DUIs, Teenage Bottlerocket, DOA, UK Subs, The Beltones, The Casualties and Tiger Army.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 134: Kristen Taylor (Miles to Nowhere)


    In ep134 we talk to the delightful Kristen Taylor, lead singer and songwriter for Miles to Nowhere. We talk her new album, recording studio, and her business doing the sound for touring bands! With music by Miles to Nowhere.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 133: Boris the Sprinkler midwest tour!


    In ep133 Tom is in Chicago for Boris the Sprinkler's short "tour", so we recorded an ep face to face! We talk the weekend escapades and crap. Music by Boris the Sprinkler, Tenpole Tudor, Bloodsport, Screeching Weasel, The Jam and The Stranglers.
  • Punk Till I Die podcast

    Episode 132: Alan Brostoff (Dr Disk) from Goldmine Magazine


    In Ep132 we chat with Alan Bostroff, a writer for Goldmine Magazine, the world's leading record collecting magazine. He focuses on record stores. Music by Amigo the Devil, Reagan Youth, The Melvins, 7 Seconds, The Descendents and The Clash.

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