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"PRIV Talks" is a boss babe driven podcast brought to you from the hard working, wine loving girls of Privilege Clothing (@styleforthepriv). Ready to spill all the details on what it's really like to work in the fashion industry, the PRIV Babes aren't holding back when it comes to the ups and downs of building a brand in the digital age. Get ready to laugh, be inspired and relate to all chaos as they interview fellow boss babes and share their stories of success, struggle and all the behind-the-scenes reality that keeps it interesting...

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  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Jade Brittany joins PRIV Talks- The honest feelings that come with extreme loss


    PRIV Talks is back from their summer hiatus! Donni, Kati and Karyn sit down with Jade Brittany, a local mom blogger of four who has built a large following based on authenticity. The girls chat about the biggest changes they have noticed in their lives since the pandemic hit as well as Jade describes in detail the emotions she dealt with around the loss of her daughter London.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    The PRIV Babes- Our thoughts on the dangers of social media


    The PRIV Babes have a hard but honest discussion this week regarding social media and the effects it has on ourselves and children. Donni, Kati and Karyn share their experiences and guidelines pertaining to social media and their children as well as bring light to how easy it is for a sexual predator to have contact with your child on many different platforms. This episode is not for young ears so please keep that in mind.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

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  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Karlene Karst joins PRIV Talks- How you can nourish your body and your family life


    Karlen Karst, licenced nutritionist and notable author of "This Kitchen Is For Dancing", sits down with Donni and Karyn to talk about life and family balance. As an accredit entrepreneur and mother of three, Karlene discusses with us anti-inflammatory tips, what a balanced diet can look like and how you can nourish your body and your family life.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Mamas For Mamas joins PRIV Talks- Emotion, Physical and Mental Support For All Mamas, How We Can Give Mamas A Hand Up Not Just A Hand Out


    Shannon Christensen, Founder and CEO of Mamas for Mamas, is accredited by holding a Masters in Psychology, as well as being a Mama of 2 boys.  This is the most important time to give back, and are discussing the hardships of both running a business in 2020, let alone a charitable foundation that helps move over 500,000 necessities to mamas in need every single month.  Listen to here why we are so behind this cause, and how we can all join together to understand and support this important need right now!
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Amber Romaniuk joins PRIV Talks- Hormonal and Adrenal Health, Emotional Eating, And Dietary Tips


    Sitting down with Amber Romaniuk, from “The No Sugarcoating Podcast” to bring her dietary tips to our lives.   We are discussing the many levels of emotional eating, and the difference between eating for nourishment vs. for other reasons.  Why can’t we lose weight?  Why are we struggling with inflammation? Covering in depth how we fuel perfectionism through our eating, and discussing the various diets facing our society today.  How are high protein diets affecting your hormonal and adrenal health, as we work through this variety of current issues that we all facing.    This one is a must listen!  
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    The PRIV Babes- A breakdown on how to digitize your business, tips to create revenue, and how to sell online in three easy steps


    You might want to take notes on this podcast!  The girls have a serious discussion about “digital strategies” and their personal strategies for weathering the storm of this global pandemic.  A thorough discussion ensues about shifting business from the physical world, to the new digital wave.  Including detailed tips on how to easily create revenue, and how to sell online in three easy steps.  If you already are selling online, listen to hear our tips and tricks for staying socially connected, and how to successfully convert social engagement to real life purchases.  
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    The PRIV Babes- Dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and on going plans for PRIV HQ


    The PRIV Babes sit down to discuss their current work situation, and assess the ongoing global pandemic at hand. We discuss how we are dealing with the recent outbreak, and ongoing plans for Business at PRIV HQ. Learn about who has been quarantining, and who has a crush on Justin Trudeau.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Arielle Lorre joins PRIV Talks- Addiction, Recovery, And Preparing Our Youth


    Arielle Lorre joins us from the Blonde Files podcast.  Join us in discussing an intimate conversation about addiction, recovery, as we dive deep on the subject.  Arielle brings wisdom on what the warning signs are, and what addiction feels like from a young age. Donni and Kati relate personally and share thoughts about how to prepare our kids for life’s challenges.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    The PRIV Babes- Relationship inspired in lieu of Valentine's Day


    The PRIV Babes sit down for a special “relationship” inspired podcast in lieu of Valentine’s Day... Tune in to Find out who’s “picking their battles, romantic horror stories, coronavirus mania, and who’s secretly crushing on Justin Bieber’s moustache.
  • PRIV Talks podcast

    Cat + Nat joins PRIV Talks- Working Moms Tell All, Mom Guilt, And Mom Truths


    The brilliant Canadian duo, Cat and Nat, bring their comedic mom truth hilarity (is that a word) to PRIV Talks on this week's episode.  Donni and Kati sit down with Cat and Nat to discuss their rise to success, as being featured on Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and the list goes on. Join the four of them to laugh and share in some of their favorite #momtruths

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