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The Noom Mindset- Learn the Science, Lose the Weight: Andreas Michaelides, PhD

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Can a health app impact behavior and inspire lasting lifestyle changes? Andreas Michealides, PhD, Chief of Psychology at Noom joins on episode 41 of the Practically Healthy podcast to share how Noom is revolutionizing the weight loss industry by merging psychology with technology. Dr. Michaelides sets the stage by framing Noom as a behavior change company that transcends weight loss and shares the evolutionary reason why changing our behavior is so difficult. The doctors emphasize the importance of the brain in weight loss and introduce neuroplasticity- the brain’s ability to create new connections and adapt. The idea of habits and building on small steps is highlighted, and Noom's four holistic health pillars are shared: nutrition, physical activity, stress management and sleep. The doctors discuss the importance of goal setting, emphasizing the importance of identifying and celebrating small, interim goals and creating goals that are SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Dr. Michaelides shares the multitude of ways that Noom merges psychology with tech for a personalized approach to supporting healthy behavior changes including implementing safeguards, creating task lists and providing time-appropriate coach interventions.  The doctors discuss practically healthy tips to help the listener navigate the 220+ food and beverage decisions we face each day! Learn more about Noom at and pre-order their new book, "The Noom Mindset- Learn the Science, Lose the Weight” on Amazon now.

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