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The Fountain of Youth in a Bottle: Dr. Emily Werner, PhD, RD, CSSD

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Can a supplement help boost strength, energy and endurance? Tune into episode 37 of the Practically Healthy podcast to hear the remarkable science-backed potential benefits of Mitopure(TM)- a groundbreaking new supplement making headlines for its ability to kickstart a crucial recycling process in cells called mitophagy, preventing age-related cellular decline.   Dr. Emily Werner, RD, Exercise Physiology PhD and Team Dietician for the Philadelphia 76ers joins to explain the role of mitochondria (aka the “powerhouse of the cell”) and shares why mitochondrial health is important to everyone. The doctors share that as we get older, mitochondrial renewal declines and dysfunctional mitochondria accumulate in the cells, resulting in a host of issues from decline in energy levels, resiliency and muscle function to more significant health issues such as diabetes and cognitive decline.   Dr. Werner introduces Urolithin A, a molecule that stimulates the crucial recycling and cleansing process of mitochondria- ultimately protecting cells from age-associated decline. Dr. Werner reveals that 2 out of 3 people do not have the right gut microbiome to produce Urolithin A from food. Mitopure(TM) is a bioavailable Urolithin A supplement 6x purer and stronger than diet levels alone and the first nutrient clinically-proven to trigger mitophagy. The doctors discuss the Mitopure(TM) studies results which show a significant increase in muscle strength and endurance and anecdotally, a better recovery from working out the next day- wow! Dr. Werner also shares exciting immunological effects in mouse studies.   Dr. Werner shares her top tips for keeping the 76ers Team well fueled highlighting “Food first, but not food only” and shares practically healthy supplementation strategies and recommendations to help the listener level up their nutrition and support a healthy immunity. Collagen, creatine, vitamin D and more are mentioned- tune in to hear her expert tips!   To learn more about the potential benefits of Mitopure(TM), visit or follow them @timelinenutrition.   The Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina podcast is sponsored by Ahara- Precision nutrition for optimal health. Join today at and receive $25 off new memberships with code PHPodcast. Offer good for new customers only.

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