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Rock Star: Sasha DiGiulian

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Professional rock climber, writer and philanthropist, Sasha DiGiulian joins for episode 33 of the Practically Healthy podcast! Sasha first began climbing at 6 years old and has earned numerous titles including World Championship for Female Overall, the undefeated panAmerica Champion 2004 to the present and three-time US National Champion. 

Sasha shares an insider’s perspective of the male-dominated rock climbing world, from combating sexism, breaking down gatekeepers and her aspirations to “build a new table” by lifting more women up and providing opportunities for other female rock climbers. She shares life on the side of a cliff, discusses strength to weight body ratio and talks about completing the 5.14d climb- the hardest climb achieved by a woman in the world.

Dr. Melina and Sasha delve into the training needed for the intense demands of rock climbing- from sport specific training, gym workouts, cardio and even finger strength. They touch on Sasha’s nutrition journey, from a period of disordered eating, to learning she was celiac, to focusing more on nutrition after college. Sasha shares the story of her nutrition bar company, Send Bars, made with adaptogens, greens and the highest quality gluten free, vegan and organic ingredients- created by athletes for everyone. 

To learn more about Sasha DiGiulian, her impressive climbing career and many philanthropic interests, follow her @sashadigiulian or visit To experience Send Bars, visit

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