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Reimagine Your Health Through the Gut Microbiome: Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD

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70% of your immune system is located in your gut- how are you supporting your microbiome for your best health? Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, CEO and Founder of Pendulum joins on episode 39 of the Practically Healthy podcast to provide a science-based discussion on probiotics and how this rapidly emerging field is playing an important role in health and disease. Colleen shares the research and insights that lead to Pendulum’s revolutionary probiotic, Akkermansia for mitigating metabolic syndrome. She explains that the Akkermansia muciniphila strain plays an important role in metabolism and the gut lining. The listener learns why low counts or depletion of Akkermansia is a problem, and can result in Inflammation, skin disorders, immune response and metabolism disorders. Dr. Melina reveals that she orders Akkermansia and mentions that it can reduce sugar cravings, anecdotally, for some. Colleen and Dr. Melina discuss science-based gut health facts and tips including significant factors that influence your microbiome other than diet, and foods you should avoid for your best gut health. The role of prebiotics, in concert with probiotics is addressed and Colleen shares research that gives insight into whether you need to keep taking probiotics or can discontinue once the microbiome is recolonized. The listener is cautioned about the lack of oversight in the supplement industry and practically healthy tips are shared to assist the listener in choosing a probiotic. Colleen offers listeners a free quiz on to assess which Pendulum probiotic is best for their personal needs. Practically Healthy listeners receive a discount with code DRMELINA at

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