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Reboot Your Relationship: Dr. Ish Major

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Sex, relationships, intimacy, connection and more! Dr. Melina welcomes Dr. Ish Major, board certified psychiatrist and host of WE tv's Marriage Bootcamp for a New Year’s relationship reboot on episode 42 of the Practically Healthy podcast! The doctors dive in and outline the healthy aspects of relationships and touch on our need for love and connection as human beings. Dr. Ish explains how to assess if/ where the problems may be in your relationship by debunking your ABMs- Assumptions, Biases and Mindset- and what you should do when you don’t like what you hear. He explains one of the biggest misconceptions of married people- thinking that they shouldn’t have any problems- and instead urges them to have the courage to have hard conversations. He reveals the surprising reason why men cheat, when to consider divorce and shares practical ways that someone can be more in tune with their true self. Dr. Melina shares listener questions and the relationship guru addresses concerns ranging from reframing your mid-life baggage, having sex on the third date, and why going silent for 18 seconds with a partner might just amaze you- tune in for the fascinating answers! To learn more about Dr. Ish Major, follow him @dr_ish_major.

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