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Laughter is the Best Medicine: Dr. David Friedman

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Dr. David Friedman, syndicated TV and radio host, best selling author and part time comedian doesn’t perform surgery as a chiropractic neurologist, but he still manages to leave his patients in stitches- HA! He joins Dr. Melina on episode 40 of the Practically Healthy podcast to invoke a good belly laugh or two and share how laughter is indeed, the best medicine. Dr. Friedman reminds the listener that humans laugh before they speak and asserts that laughter is in all of us. The doctors discuss the incredible, science-backed benefits of laughter including: decreasing inflammation, increasing infection-fighting antibodies, helping prevent heart disease and cancer and improving cognitive function. Dr. Friedman explains that laughter decreases cortisol levels which can lead to weight loss through a decrease in stressful eating and belly fat. Dr. Friedman shares that laughter can burn calories and that 20 seconds of a good belly laugh is equivalent to 100 sit ups- incredible!  Dr. Friedman shares how he uses humor to bring humanity back to medicine and bond with his patients. His prescription for laughter- don’t let your stressors define you and “fake it till you partake it”. He shares that the brain doesn’t know the difference between a fake or real smile, so get grinning! The doctors show their silly sides and giggle through Keto jokes, saber tooth tiger recipes and fart anecdotes. The episode closes with practical tips to help the listener bring laughter back into their life. A lighthearted, feel-good episode that will surely bring a smile to your face.  All proceeds from Dr. Friedman’s new book, “Funny Bones” go to Laughter Saves Lives Foundation, visit for your copy. Listen to Dr. Friedman’s podcast at or follow him @drdfriedman.   The Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina podcast is sponsored by Ahara- Precision nutrition for optimal health. Join today at and receive $25 off new memberships with code PHPodcast. Offer good for new customers only.

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