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Is it Really Possible to SLOW or REVERSE Aging : Hannah Went, Co-Founder, TruDiagnostic

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Ever feel like you look or feel much younger (or older) than you actually are? You might be right! Founder and Director of Operations at TruDiagnostic joins  episode 38 of the Practically Healthy podcast to chat all things epigenetics- how your behaviors and environment affect the way your genes work- and how relatively new scientific breakthroughs allow us to measure and influence factors that impact our biologic age (how old we are on a cellular level compared to how old we actually are.)


Hannah opens the podcast by providing the listener with an understanding of epigenetics and assures us that “your DNA is not your destiny”. Dr. Melina and Hannah discuss DNA methylation and how it can “turn on” or “turn off” certain genes from working. Unlike chronological age, biological age more accurately reflects classic signs of aging, from wrinkles and energy levels to diabetes and disease. 


Hannah shares the backstory behind developing TruDiagnostic and explains how to use their test to measure your TruAge (biologic age) as well as your TruAge PACE (pace of aging per chronologic year). Dr. Melina and Hannah discuss the lifestyle factors that can influence your biologic age including: dietary choices, caloric restriction, exercise, and stress management, as well as practically healthy hacks for those of us who are short on time. Hannah share her number one supplement recommendation for turning back the biologic clock and also reveals Dr. Melina’s TruAge and TruAge PACE- tune in to hear the fascinating results!

An empowering and important episode for anyone looking to extend their health span and lifespan based on the latest scientific developments! To learn more about TruDiagnostics or discover your TruAge, visit or follow Hannah @everythingepigenetics.

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