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Harness the Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Dr. WilIam Harris

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Dr. William Harris, Nutrition Ph.D. and internationally recognized omega-3 fatty acid expert joins to share the incredible benefits of a high omega-3 index including mitigating risk of heat disease, cancer, auto immune disease, Alzheimer's and more- and shares how to measure and raise your omega-3 index to realize your best health!   Dr. Harris introduces the Omega-3 Index, a test which he co-invented, that measures the level of EPA and DHA in individuals, expressed as a percentage of total fatty acid. Unlike a cholesterol test, you don’t need a doctor to obtain an Omega-3 Index test, enabling individuals to uncover and proactively address their omega-3 deficiency which is correlated to a higher risk of disease.   The doctors discuss the ideal Omega-3 Index range of 8-12% and share that the average percentage is roughly 5%- well below the ideal level. Dr. Melina shares her Omega-3 Index results (tune in to hear her score!) and practically healthy tips are shared for selecting omega-3 supplements- touching on the importance of quality, a discussion of dosage and which forms are best absorbed.    An important and actionable episode to empower listeners to make potentially life-saving changes! To learn more about Dr. Harris or to test your omega-3 fatty acid level, visit   The Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina podcast is sponsored by Ahara- Precision nutrition for optimal health. Join today at and receive $25 off new memberships with code PHPodcast. Offer good for new customers only.

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