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EGGS: State of the Science with Dr. Mickey Rubin, Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Center

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Life long brain health, muscle repair, eye health, weight management and more! Dr. Mickey Rubin, Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) joins on episode 43 of the Practically Healthy podcast to share the many science backed benefits of incredible, edible EGGS!   The Drs. jump in and cut through the cholesterol confusion- exploring how the science of eating eggs for heart health has evolved and advanced to the current authoritative guidance that there is no association between egg intake and heart disease.    Dr. Rubin details the many important nutrients in eggs including choline, lutein, B12, zeaxanthin, selenium and others- and makes a case for the importance of consuming egg yolks, not just the whites. Dr. Melina is “eggcited” to talk about the many benefits of choline throughout the lifecycle, highlighting the significant impact of maternal and early life consumption on the cognitive health of babies.   Eggs are lauded for their important role at breakfast for weight management with research showing egg consumption leads to better appetite control all day, improved blood sugar levels and a tendency too eat less at subsequent meals. The Drs. talk about eggs as a high quality protein, a source to consider throughout the lifecycle as protein is increasingly important with age in order to reduce the risk for sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss.    Dr. Rubin shares his top practically healthy egg tips and urges listeners to head to or @egg.nutrition for more Inspo, education and recipes featuring eggs! This podcast is brought to you by the American Egg Board.

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