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Eating for Optimal Health: Dr. Christopher Gardner

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Nutrition Science PhD and Professor of Medicine at Stanford, Dr. Christopher Gardner joins to share his expertise as a 20+ year academic leading headline making studies investigating the potential health benefits of various dietary components and food patterns.

Dr. Gardner acknowledges the complexities of nutrition studies and urges the listener to seek “instead of” and “with what” vs “nutrition answers”.

The doctors discuss topical dietary choices including red meat vs alternative meat products- how do they compare with regard to cardiovascular risk factors, TMAO levels, blood pressure and more. Low fat vs low carb diets- which is more effective for weight loss? And keto vs Mediterranean- which is better for blood sugar control and which is better for lowering LDL cholesterol?

Dr. Gardner shares the results of the largest and longest-ever study comparing Atkins, Zone, LEARN and Ornish diets with regard to changes in cardiometabolic risk factors and weight loss- tune in to hear the fascinating findings! And though certain diets are better for certain people, genetics is likely NOT to blame for your weight loss struggles!

A rare opportunity to hear science-based nutrition guidance from one of Dr. Melina’s most respected nutrition colleagues! To learn more about Dr. Gardner, visit

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