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Choline: The Essential Nutrient You’ve Probably Never Heard Of : Dr. Steve Zeisel

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Did your mother consume enough choline while you were in utero? Your cognition scores and likelihood of developing dementia just may depend on it! Dr. Melina welcomes international choline expert and precision nutrition pioneer, Dr. Steve Zeisel to episode 45 of the Practically Healthy podcast.   Dr. Zeisel joins to share his fascinating research study that lead to the discovery of the essential nutrient choline in 1998. He explains how some people, depending on their life stage and genetic signatures, are able to make choline, while others have to rely on food (or supplements) to get adequate amounts. The doctors share the effects of inadequate choline levels which can including muscle deterioration, fatty liver disease, memory loss, and dementia. The importance of choline intake during pregnancy and the first few years of life are highlighted for long term brain health of the baby.   Dr. Melina explains why choline is an essential nutrient featured in her precision nutrition company, Ahara, which empowers people to learn their unique choline requirements through genetic testing, and receive a personalized nutrition plan that helps them optimize their levels. Dr. Zeisel echoes the importance of genetic testing and supplementing only if needed.   In addition to eggs (don’t throw out the yolk!), visit for a database of which foods contain choline. To learn more about Dr. Zeisel’s many projects, visit and    The Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina podcast is sponsored by Ahara- Precision nutrition for optimal health. Join today at and receive $25 off new memberships with code PHPodcast. Offer good for new customers only.

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