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Porror Hodcast

Eddy & Will Fogg

The Porror Hodcast explores the violent and psychological world of Horror Films through the eyes of a self-professed nerd of gore and a man who is quite literally afraid of his own shadow. Hosted by brothers Eddy and Will Fogg, The Porror Hodcast will dissect and review some of the most terrifying and terrible horror movies ever made.

13 Episodes

  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 10 - Night of the Living Dead


    This week we're kicking off #zombiemonth with the OG, George Romero's 1968 'Night of the Living Dead'. Join us as we bite into sea shanties, domestic abuse and Charles Manson. Eddy becomes a couples therapist and Will delves into the deeper theories of the film.  Music by: Send More Paramedics 
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    And for Sides I'll Have.... Phobias ft. Michael from We Love Horror Podcast


    Serving up a monthly side dish of nonsense, Will and Eddy are joined by their first ever guest - Michael from the We Love Horror Podcast as they reveal their biggest phobias   Special guest: We Love Horror Podcast 
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

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  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 9 - Clown


    This week we’re taking a trip to the Circus for Eli Roth’s 2014 film ‘Clown'. Join us as we juggle Nicolas Cage, political correctness and hilarious bodily fluids. We confirm Eddy’s passionate hatred for clowns and Will reveals a disturbing amount of knowledge on John Wayne Gacy.
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 8 - American Mary


    This week we are celebrating the inauguration with the 2012 film ‘American Mary’. Join us as we slice into our weird cartoon crushes, armpit play and penis tucking.... the things you do when no one is watching. Eddy is looking for a new job at a strip club and Will tells us what he wouldn't do for £5k. Shout out to: We Love Horror Podcast Creepy Tree Film Festival Lottie Bear Illustrations Text Me When You Get Home Podcast   .
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 7 - The Conjuring 2


    This week we’re investigating the paranormal with Ed and Loraine Warren in the 2016 film ‘The Conjuring 2’. Join us as we conjure up memories of football hooligans, Christmas songs and how to outrun crocodiles. Eddy manages to use the F word 119 times and Will reveals the title of his upcoming porno.
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    And for Sides I'll Have.... New Year Resolutions


    Serving up a new monthly side dish of nonsense, Will and Eddy look back on 2020 and discuss New Year resolutions. Guest music: Love like Elvis, by Soft Jocks Available through: Elephant Arch Records
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 6 - Santa's Slay


    Merry Christmas ya’ filth animals. This week we’re getting festive with a seasonal classic… sort of. It’s the 2005 film Santa’s Slay. Get a bit of Christmas inside of you as we discuss hardcore Tequila slammers, Hell on Earth/Michigan and Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. Eddy is shitting tinsel and Will explains the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 5 - Cannibal Holocaust


    This week we are getting our fill from one of the most controversial films of all time, 1980's ‘Cannibal Holocaust’.  Join us as we digest a whole heap of 80’s bush, All American Rejects and childhood favourite FernGully. Eddy gets worryingly hungry and Will tells us (without hesitation) what body part he would eat first.
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 4 - Eden Lake


    This week we’re taking a trip to our homeland (the beautiful north) to James Watkins' 2008 film ‘Eden Lake’. Join us as we discuss advent calendars, assaulting teenagers and Johnny Depp’s foreplay habits. Eddy voices his concerns with the British workforce and Will makes a very strange request for his epitaph.
  • Porror Hodcast podcast

    Episode 3 - The Evil Dead (1981)


    This week we're kicking it old school with Sam Raimi's classic 'The Evil Dead' (1981). Join us as we ramble our way through the Popes instagram, sapling sex and some very questionable teenagers. Eddy calls out Michael Jackson while Will professes his love for the Crimson Chin AKA Bruce Campbell.

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