Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast

Photog Adventures

Photog Adventures is about chronicling and sharing the stories of Aaron King's adventures getting out there with his camera. Whether you have a full time job or demanding family responsibilities you just need to start now MAKING AN ADVENTURE A PRIORITY in your life! You don’t have to go far to get out on a photography adventure and you will never regret it even if you don’t come back with amazing photos. Listen along as I recount the funny, scary and weird stories from photography adventures throughout beautiful Utah and the surrounding areas. On the podcast I discuss what went well, what could have gone better and what I have learned as we were out there. When I’m not talking recent adventures, I learn from guest photographers worldwide who share the same love of landscape and astrophotography. If you are a beginning landscape or astrophotographer come along with me through my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and learn from my mistakes and my successes! If nothing else, seeing me out there will inspire you to find time to get out there too and have a photog adventure of your own! YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM:

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  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Aaron Martinez | From Hobby to Full-Time Journalism Photographer | Ep 167


    Aaron Martinez joins me to give us the inside info on his rise from Hobbyist photographer to having a FULL-TIME CAREER as a "Visual Journalist" or Staff Photographer for one of USA Today's Circulation of Austin, Texas Newspapers. He shares what worked and what he was missing in his interview process and spills some secrets on how one can join him as a career Journalism Photographer in an industry that is getting tougher and tougher to find a good paying job in. We also here his story of a potentially life-threatening wildlife encounter while in New Mexico and the story behind my absolute favorite picture out of White Sands National Park that Aaron captured years ago! I just LOVE his image! See Aaron's Portfolio here: See that White Sands image: SAVE 50% OFF TEN OF MY WORKSHOPS HERE: This is a 1-DAY sale only, so if you are reading this on Friday, August 20th then CLICK ON THE LINK ASAP! Sale ends at Midnight Friday night! :D -Aaron
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Tips & Info about the upcoming Perseid Meteor Shower! | Ep 168


    Perseids are going to be great this year! The timing with the moon is working out really tremendous for us this year and so the annual Perseid Meteor Shower is going to be the best we have had in several years! So let's get ready for it! Know the best mornings to go out and tips on how to take advantage of it as best as possible! Kirk Keyes and Rhonda Pierce joins me on the podcast to talk the Perseid Meteor Shower and Rhonda's transition to a mirrorless Canon camera. Read Kirk's Perseid Meteor Shower article over on
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

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  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Phil Sisto | Artist in Residence at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah | Ep 164


    Phil Sisto joins me to talk Milky Way Photography in the less-mentioned Capitol Reef National Park here in Utah where he was the 2020 Artist In Residence! Phil shares how he got the gig and the secrets to a good application. While also dishing on the great situation he had there with the amazing house they gave him to use while working there! From amazingly deep mud cracks around Cathedral Valley to making a 45-minute hike THREE HOURS LONGER, Phil shares his successes and misadventures while being the Artist in Residence. Phil uses Star Trackers in his Milky Way Photography and shares his best tip for post-processing the masked blend of your foreground and sky in photoshop. If you are seeing the podcast cover art I used from Phil, you are NOT getting the full glory of that image and will need to go Phil's Website to see this amazing image from the beautiful Milky Way at the top and the incredible hyper-foreground of the deeeeep cracks in the mud! It is an amazing shot! Check out Phil's Work right away! Website: Instagram: P.Sisto.Images
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Welcome Back, Aaron! Crazy 3-week Girlfriend story & Workshops Update! | Ep 165


    I am back! It has been a long seven months while I have been focused on finalizing my Divorce and I am VERY HAPPY to report that I am 100% completely done! I am fully divorced! I am a single man again! In this episode I update you on my move, my 3-week girlfriend who went crazy on me, my goals for the future and the upcoming workshops which will be my LAST photography workshops for a very long while. I am so happy to be back in the saddle again without any of the weight of the divorce challenge looming over me anymore that I record THREE NEW EPISODES of the podcast that will all be released soon! I am really enjoying being back at it! I hope you enjoy it too!
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    How many PERFECT Milky Way Photography nights are there in 2021? | Ep 163


    Using the data from my 2021 Milky Way Photography Almanac, I know exactly how many perfect nights there will be next year! Join me here or on Facebook where I recorded this LIVE today and I will share with you that answer! Also, I will teach about the unique differences of Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Photography and why they have a month-to-month advantage over Northern Hemisphere Milky Way Photogs. GET MY 2021 MILKY WAY PHOTOGRAPHY ALMANAC: FACEBOOK VIDEO LINK: Link to MaryBeth's Awesome Winter Panorama:
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    The Opposites We Pray For | Ep 162


    If you want a great sunset and I want a great Milky Way and beg nature for clear skies, I am going to ruin your landscape photography. Skies. We constantly complain about them. We want the opposite sky than we are getting more often than not. Depending on our type of photography, we might benefit or lose. In this episode, I talk about the different conditions, goals, mindsets and challenges faced by Landscape Photographers vs. Milky Way Photographers. We all want light but there is this curious love we have of LIMITED light. We want the light we have to exist but also be uniquely limited in some way so that it looks even more awesome to us. Join me as I detail the differences in both disciplines of photography, share another story from the Upper Peninsula workshop and encourage all of us to get out there and enjoy the conditions coming up that actually gives BOTH types of photography really great skies!
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    I'd Rather be a Crack Addict than an Aurora Chaser | Ep 161


    With three napkins filled with the scrawls of locations and weather predictions strewn around her, MaryBeth announced the next likely location for the workshop. Copper Harbor! A discussion and a decision later. We were heading West! MaryBeth had woken up early that morning to find us an opening in the skies so we had a better chance of seeing the Aurora should the conditions arise. The evidence of her hours of meticulously checking multiple weather models & predictions filled the napkins with data written in a legibility only MaryBeth was capable of reading. As she gathered her nearly falling apart napkins she laughed to herself and commented aloud, "See what I mean about rather being a crack addict than an aurora chaser?" Implying that it might be even less crazy to be on crack than participate in the chase she loves best. In this podcast, I share some of the what went wells and could have been betters about last week's Upper Peninsula Aurora Workshop. From weather and aurora chasing, to the sights and waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula and my first chance using a Tiffen Fog Filter to capture Orion in the darkest sky most of us had ever been under, this past week lived up to the Photog Adventures motto of getting out there on an adventure! Image of the before and after of the Tiffen Fog Filter on Orion: Tiffen Double Fog 3 Filter: !! Be sure to pick up one that matches your lens !!
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Corona Holes & A-Holes | Talking Aurora Science, Tips & Night Photography etiquette | Ep 160


    MaryBeth Kiczenski and Kirk Keyes join me as co-hosts to talk about the new Coronal Holes and what that means for Aurora Photography and they get to be my audience while I share a story about people being A-Holes to each other out doing Milky Way Photography. Aurora Season has begun and we are in a Solar Minimum. Which means we are in the valley heading back up to the mountain peak. The roller coaster that is the Aurora has an 11-year cycle as it goes up to the MAX and then down to the MIN and right now we are excitedly transitioning away from the min and heading towards the max again! During a Solar Minimum, Aurora Photographers pay close attention to when Coronal Holes open up on the sun and can plan on consistent Aurora activity while the coronal holes are pointing at us. We have the coronal holes coming back around to face Earth and we are about to head into some more exciting Aurora activity, so I have on MaryBeth on to give tips for beginner Aurora Photographers and learn more about how to predict aurora. Keep up on Aurora at Link to the Space Weather Woman YouTube channel:
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Smoke & Mirrors talking Landscape & Milky Way Photography in Moab | Ep 159


    Oh the smoke!! Car troubles in the thick mud at the Salt Flats & playing with water as a mirror in your composition! Milky Way Photography already has the Moon & Clouds to fight with, this year the smoke became more of a problem than most years! In this episode I begin with talking about dealing with the smoke during the Out of Moab Conference. Smoke Map at After two nights of perfect skies we started getting it really bad by the time we were in Arches National Park but as you can see in Royce's image down below, it still was possible to come away with a great image! Check out Royce's Image of Nic up inside the arch: Rounding out the podcast, I share a story of trying to get the mirror Milky Way out at the Salt Flats, dealing with car troubles and then a tip for making your own mirrors out in Moab. Join MaryBeth and I in the Upper Peninsula!
  • Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast podcast

    Erin Babnik | Story & Tips from the Keynote Speaker @ the Create Photography Virtual Summit | Ep 158


    A fantastic treat for those of you who share my love of Erin Babnik! Erin joins the podcast to talk about her snowmobile workshop in the Dolomiti where she captured - BY HAND - an absolutely brilliant photo-stack of swirling snow and glowing Dolomite Mountains through the atmospheric clouds! Just love the image! You can see her image "Reverie" here: The podcast begins with us plugging the upcoming CREATE PHOTOGRAPHY VIRTUAL SUMMIT! It is an online-only zoom conference where Erin Babnik will be kicking off the teaching as our Keynote Address. The Conference is in February over Friday Feb. 19th and continues for three days ending in the afternoon on Sunday Feb 21st. After we talk about what she is teaching during her Keynote, I ask Erin about her process of finding images that match her quality level. Erin gets into detail about her process while at camera and then in post-processing to make the images we have grown to envy! Learn more from Erin here at her website: Direct link to her Workshop Reading List: Thanks for listening and get out there for an adventure of your own!

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