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043: Brian Lewis

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Talk about insider politics, Brian Lewis is the ultimate insider at the N.C. General Assembly. As a lobbyist and the owner/principal for New Frame, he and his colleagues gauge the bipartisan pulse of our lawmakers in Raleigh. Among many political topics and issues, Lewis is a huge friend and advocate of the tourism industry as he possesses a vast knowledge of hotel occupancy tax legislation and its enforcement across all 100 counties. His weekly podcast #DoPoliticsBetter is a huge hit among legislators as they sometimes vie for a spot on his show, so they can advocate for issues and break news on new ones. We caught up with Lewis when he wasn't rubbing elbows with state senators and representatives at the recent North Carolina Tourism Industry Association (NCTIA) Leadership Conference in Raleigh to talk about his passion for politics, cycling, cigars and golf in Pinehurst. @visitnc @ncweekend #sandhillsnc #ncpolitics #visitnc #DoPoliticsBetter

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