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PaintTalks's podcast

Dionne Woods

Paint Talks is a interactive podcast for creatives of all walks of life! Our mission is to amplify creative voices and empower all artists to recognize the value they bring to the world through insightful conversation.

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  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 55 Ronda McMeen of Chasing Kestrels


    Today we’re releasing a new episode of the podcast and this one features the delightful Ronda McMeen! When we asked readers of The Turquoise Iris Journal to share their gardens with us for a special feature, Ronda stepped up to the plate and over-delivered! I was so grateful for the chance to sit down and chat with her about life as a creative (and that beautiful garden)!    
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 54 Kamee Collins of Momtrovert & our Very Own Editor of the Iris Journal


    This week on the podcast I’m chatting with our first-ever guest, Kamee Collins! Not only is Kamee the editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal but she’s also a writer, artist, and marketing mastermind! Listen to our latest episode to hear more details about what goes on behind the scenes of a magazine and learn how Kamee balances working, raising two young girls, and finding time to be creative. Follow -,    
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

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  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 53 Dianna Zettek of Dinamite Designs


    This week’s guest is the amazing Dianna Zettek! Dianna was featured in our summer issue when she submitted her GORGEOUS garden’s water feature for our garden tour! I catch up with Dianna to hear what’s new and learn more about her business, Dinamite Designs. Follow -    
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 52 with Karen Fraser of Whimsy by Karen


    Karen Fraser is the next guest on our podcast! This sweet soul is the artist behind Whimsy by Karen, where she sells her handmade art and vintage finds. Follow -,  
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 51 Matt Woods AKA My Husband #MoreMatt


    Anyone else nervous? No, just me? I adore this man with all of my heart and have loved watching him navigate his way through our creative space. You've accepted his silly humor, teased him and shown him love. It is my honor to have him share more about himself and how he became #MoreMatt, my favorite person in the world. Thank you so much! xo, D
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 50 - Zeb & Jami Ray of Jami Ray Vintage & How They Began


    I've been waiting for this one!!! Today's episode features Zeb and Jami Ray of Jami Ray Vintage!!! This beautiful couple was featured in the fourth issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal where they shared some pictures of their stunning historical farmhouse makeover! It's my first time interviewing a couple and they were SO adorable. You're going to love it. Catch them weekly on YouTube -  
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 49 Susan Mary of Hope Springs Resources


    Today’s episode of #PaintTalks featured one of the most interesting and incredible contributors we’ve had yet! In addition to being an artist, Susan Mary is a health psychologist who works with her clients to help them improve their sleep & restore their energy…I mean, how many of us COULDN’T use better sleep, right? Follow - @HopeSprings7765 on Instagram   
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 48 Monica Mercer of M & M Mercantile


    Ready for some southern charm? Today's guest is the amazing Monica Mercer of M&M Mercantile Co in Canton, GA! Monica was featured in Issue 03 of The Turquoise Iris Journal and we are so happy to have her back for the show. Listen now wherever you get your podcasts to hear what Monica's been up to since Issue 03 was released!  
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 47 Josi Siefker of Paint Pixie Brushes & It's Never Too Late


    I LOVED this one!  This week on the pod I got to interview one of my sweetest friends, the incredible Josi Siefker of Paint Pixie Brushes! I always love interviewing guests for the podcast but there is something super special about getting to put one of my friends, especially one as deserving as Josi, in the spotlight. Shop - Follow - Please listen wherever you get your pods and be sure to show Josi some love today!
  • PaintTalks's podcast podcast

    Ep 46 Leigh Gilbert-Harper of Love, Leigh


    This lovely artist is Leigh Gilbert-Harper of Love, Leigh! Leigh was featured in Issue 04 of The Turquoise Iris Journal for her GORGEOUS pressed flower art pieces that preserve precious memories. Listen to the latest episode to learn more about how Leigh found her calling in commemorating the things that matter most. Follow. - ,  

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