Pain In My GRass: the podcast podcast

Pain In My GRass: the podcast

Pain in my Grass

Two life long friends have come together to help you create and maintain an amazing lawn and landscapes. Brad, a die-hard DIY'er, and Jim, a world-class turfgrass guru will guide you through the process week by week. Creating a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood can become a battlefield. You vs the weeds. The climate. The insects. And even, your spouse. Listen, laugh and learn as these two share stories, product reviews, tips and tricks and WEEKLY actionable advice on how to be sure that your lawn never becomes a pain in your GRass.

3 Episodes

  • Pain In My GRass: the podcast podcast

    Pain in my GRass: March1 2020


    We're back after the winter hiatus. Let's talk about stopping crabgrass before it starts, new business ventures and phenological indicators.  It'll all make sense in an hour, I promise. 
  • Pain In My GRass: the podcast podcast

    GREEN GRASS next year...STARTS this weekend!


    In this episode, we talk about the four things you absolutely MUST do in the next four weeks to have a great lawn next spring. We talk about aeration, soil health, seeding, and fertilizing this fall. And why these are critical steps that need to be down now.  Also this week...a review of the AGRI-FAB aerator available at the big box stores...Brad's review of the Netflix Series CHEF and how much is TOO MUCH to pay for grass seed this fall.  If you care about having a great lawn, you absolutely can't pass this one up. 
  • Pain In My GRass: the podcast podcast

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  • Pain In My GRass: the podcast podcast

    PIMG:Podcast #1 - Pain in my what?! The series introduction and why you MUST aerate now!


    In the series opener, we introduce ourselves and explain what our mission is in this new project. We talk about what you can do as the summer closes to give your yard a boost and edge for next spring and go over Jim's experience building a golf course for the greatest golfer in history. 

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