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404 A hike and conversation with "Hiking Unlimited"

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On this week's podcast, Bob takes a short hike while interviewing Sheila Doherty a/k/a "Hiking Unlimited" on social media. An expert based in Phoenix, she gives advice on hiking in the desert Southwest, chats with Bob about her favorite trips and hikes, and also her future plans. Along on the hike was Sheila's friend, Michelle, a new hiker who was preparing for a new adventure. A nurse, Michelle shares the story of a patient she treated who was seriously injured while hiking in the summer in Phoenix. Hiking Unlimited Facebook: @HikingUnlimited  Hiking Unlimited Instagram: @hikingunlimited Please consider becoming a patron of this podcast! Visit: https://www.patreon.com/hikingbob for more information Hiking Bob website: https://www.HikingBob.com Wild Westendorf website: https://wildwestendorf.wordpress.com/ Where to listen, download and subscribe to this podcast: https://pod.link/outdoorswithhikingbob

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