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Even when we’re not going anywhere, we’re planning our next adventure. As a global leader in travel, Expedia has created this entertaining podcast offering travel information and ideas so you can learn and get inspired. Before you embark on your next trip, join host Nisreene Atassi to swap tips with travel experts and industry insiders, as well as people just like you who have great travel stories to share. Subscribe today, and learn to navigate the online travel booking space and Out Travel The System.

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    Nissy's New Year Travel Trends and Top Destinations


    Welcome to 2022 - we couldn't let it go by without a little something from our team at Out Travel the System, even as we continue planning Season Four! On this mini-episode, we're hoping to help you set your travel intentions for the year by giving you the inside scoop on 2022's hottest destinations. Host Nisreene Atassi also details what the Expedia search data is showing in terms of trends for the 12 months ahead, including slower, more immersive travel, travel as a key priority of self-care, and yes, even a bit of thrill-seeking too. Supply and demand is always in effect for travel, so use our insider knowledge and best travel hacks to make sure you have the jump on keeping your travel budget right where you want it. As we've said all along, travel when it's the right time for you. Here's to all of your travel dreams coming true in 2022! 2022 Hot Destinations U.S. Orlando, FL Destin, FL Gatlinburg - Pigeon Forge Panama City, FL Maui, HI International Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen/Tulum Rome Bali London Paris Beach Escapes Destin, FL Panama City, FL Maui, HI Myrtle Beach, SC Fort Myers, FL St. Petersburg - Clearwater, FL Gulf Shores, AL Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen/Tulum Sarasota, FL Bali City Breaks Orlando Rome Phoenix Miami London Paris (we talk about Paris in our France episode) Los Angeles Charleston Atlanta (we explore Atlanta a bit in this past episode of Out Travel the System) Nashville See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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    Expedia's Best Travel Hacks to Take You Through 2022


    Hey Out Travel the System listeners - we're not slouching on our mission to be your ultimate travel companion, even while we're on hiatus between Season Three and Season Four! In this episode, we are bringing you deep data right from the vaults of Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation, an industry leader in air travel intelligence. These are our very best travel tips, tricks, and hacks. Listen in as host Nisreene Atassi takes you through everything you need to know to maximize your travel experiences, including: -what days to book your flights, and what days to travel on -why what month you travel in can make a big dent in your travel budget -why upgrading your seat may be less of a splurge than you think -what 'downstarring' means, and how it can help you save big on accommodations -what not to skimp on, especially when it comes to peace of mind If you're looking for inspiration for good ways to splurge a bit with all of your well-researched savings, check out this past episode of Out Travel the System. We also have some international inspiration here, with past episodes to specific destinations: France Spain Australia Japan We want to make sure you can research and plan your travels with confidence, so make sure to make time to check out these handy guides assembled by Expedia: COVID-19 Travel Advisory tool Expedia COVID-19 Travel Guide See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  • Out Travel The System podcast

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  • Out Travel The System podcast

    Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Welcome You to Wrexham


    We're wrapping up Season Three of Out Travel the System on an extremely high note - by interviewing none other than Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney! Although you may know them best from their antics on both the small and big screen, the topic at hand is their new project, Wrexham AFC - one of the oldest football clubs in the world.  Listen in to our last episode of the season as they talk about their business bromance with host Nisreene Atassi, ably supported by Wrexham AFC executive director Humphrey Ker. The fellas talk about what they sincerely admire about each other, their hopes for the team, and what there is to check out in town, should you have the opportunity to go to northern Wales to watch a match in person. Along the way, they share details about some of their favorite travel memories (why is Ryan running around Paris at 3 am), poke fun at Humphrey, and drop a few cusswords (please don't mind the bleeps.) They also confirm why they're likely to be using Expedia in the near future! Here are handy links to a couple of things mentioned within the episode: A Ryan Reynolds-approved place to visit and stay A hotel Rob McElhenney wants to check out the next time he's in Philly See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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    Fantastic Tips to Get the Full France Experience


    Ooh la la, it's time for the last deep dive into an international destination this season - get ready for it, Out Travel the System is heading to France! In this episode, host Nisreene Atassi draws on the expertise of Jackie Kai Ellis, an author, designer, and classically-trained pastry chef with a home base in Paris, and Antoine Walter, a Director, Market Management in France for Expedia, to suss out everything you need to plan out a jaunt to live la belle vie. Listen in as they list off all of the many places you can dream about visiting, from world-class museums, houses of high fashion, and the prehistoric art of the Lascaux cave. Take in the sights that inspired Monet, Brancusi, and Rodin, and make sure to make time to stop at a cafe for a restorative coffee and pastry every so often. They share their inside tips on how to access the best of French history and culture, outdoor adventure, and family-friendly fun. From how to get around to what days to avoid visiting museums, it's all right here in this episode. Here are just a few handy links to inspire your planning inspiration in France: Paris Travel Guide Brittany for beach time Rodin Museum MuCEM in Marseilles See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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    When to Splurge and Go Big When it Comes to Travel


    In all of the conversations we've had this season, a couple of threads keep resurfacing:  how much we appreciate the ability to travel, and how to really maximize a trip. Well, we thought it was high time to devote an episode specifically to this! Out Travel the System host Nisreene Atassi dives into the idea of splurging while traveling, and how that can mean different things to different people. She is joined by expert travel planner Sarah Groen, host of the Luxury Travel Insider podcast, as well as Tomiko Harvey, Vice President of the Black Travel Alliance, and writer at Passports and Grub. They'll take you through how a splurge - whether it's adding on a private tour, upgrading your seat on a flight, or making sure your home away from home has everything you need - can make or break the way you remember your travels. Sarah shares how to plan out the 'arc' of a trip (hint, save the best hotels for last), and Tomiko talks about some of her favorite splurges. So go ahead, book that second massage at your vacation hotel, line up that private tour, and borrow a page out of Sarah's book by really upgrading your rental vehicle - take this episode as the encouragement you need to say yes to your next travel splurge! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  • Out Travel The System podcast

    Only in Austin with Becca Tobin


    It's time to wrap up the 'Only In' series we've been taking on this season of Out Travel the System, by heading to Hollywood South. Yes, it's Austin's turn in the spotlight, and you know we had to line up an extremely special guest for this - none other than Becca Tobin, of The Ladygang, among many endeavors. She takes host Nisreene Atassi through why she left the bright lights of L.A. to make Austin home, and what makes it such an incredibly special place. Just off the top of her head: the thriving music and arts scene, a bridge where you can see a spectacular aerial display from bats, and did we mention breakfast tacos? Don't miss her insights on when to visit and what to check out, especially if you're Only in Austin for 24 hours. Here is a list of some of the things mentioned within the episode: Entertainment The Paramount Stubbs BBQ Nightlife The Line Hotel The Proper Hotel Redheaded Stepchild The Beez Kneez Dining Joe's Coffee (My Name is Joe) Umi Sushi Aba Mattie's BBQ (because this deserves its own category in Austin): Stubbs BBQ Salt Lick Terry Blacks BBQ Franklin's Places to check out Lady Bird Lake Barton Springs Pool See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  • Out Travel The System podcast

    How to mark PSL Season in Style with Steffy Degreff


    Well it's official, Out Travel the System fam - Pumpkin Spice Latte Season (PSL Season) is underway. What better way to mark it than by mapping out your route to check out fall foliage, head out on a quick road trip, or indulge in your favorite fall activities and dishes? Listen in as host Nisreene Atassi chats with 'Queen of Fall' Steffy Degreff of Steffys Pros and Cons, and writer and content producer Andrea Romano. They share their thoughts on why fall is the best season, and how to thoroughly 'PSL-ize' your life, if you're in the mood. Put on your coziest chunky-knit sweater and wooly socks, and sit back to listen, PSL in hand - you'll never believe how many ways there are to celebrate PSL Season. Here is some inspiration from the episode: -Andrea's article on fall foliage destinations -Steffy's Instagram and TikTok -"Falloween" with reportedly the most haunted place in New York City See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  • Out Travel The System podcast

    Cruising Your Way through Cruise Booking with Captain Kate McCue


    To cruise or not to cruise - that is the question a lot of travelers are asking themselves these days. It's a big topic, and one Out Travel the System host Nisreene Atassi is grateful to tackle with the help of experts. Captain Kate McCue shares her insights into life on board and in charge of Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Edge through her incredibly popular TikTok account. (She had 2.6 million followers when we recorded this episode of Out Travel the System, and that number keeps climbing!) John Mast has been on more than a hundred cruises, for both fun and work. As Expedia's Sr. Director of Global Cruise Marketing, he has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry. Listen in as they share their insights into how to pick the right cruise for you, how cruising has modernized, and some of the many places cruising can take you. They make the case that cruising may just be the vacation that can keep everyone in your traveling group happy. Not sure where to start with cruising? Access more expert and free advice here. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  • Out Travel The System podcast

    The Truth About Traveling with Kids Under 5


    Parents with young kids, we get it, we really do - the world of travel with your little one may seem like it is full of so many potential pitfalls. Let us give you the tips you need to succeed when you listen to this episode of Out Travel the System. We're especially here for you, first time parents who may have never traveled with their kiddo before! Host Nisreene Atassi digs into the highs and lows of traveling with kids under the age of 5 with Monet Hambrick, who blogs about her family adventures at The Traveling Child, and Christie Hudson, Sr. PR Manager for Expedia.  They share some of their favorite travel hacks when it comes to having kiddo in tow, including what gear to bring and what to leave at home, and how to pick the right accommodations for you (hotel vs vacation rental is always a hot debate.) Check out Christie's pick from her most recent trip. Learn about some of the amazing experiences Monet has been able to share with her children - start with the spitting elephant, and stick around for the sense of homecoming they felt thousands of miles away from home.  You may just find travel with kids under 5 represents a wealth of opportunities you never considered before! Here are links to gear traveling parents may find helpful: Car Seat - the Cosco Scenera Ultra-portable booster seat - the Mifold A car seat alternative on flights - the CARES harness Lightweight stroller alternative - the Snap N Go A sleep aid - the Slumberpod See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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    All You Need to Know About Visiting Australia


    Get ready for a flight of fancy as Out Travel the System takes you Down Under. Yes that's right, host Nisreene Atassi is taking you to Australia on our latest deep dive into a destination. Thanks to the help of Grace Rietbergen, Associate Market Manager - Canberra & Hobart at  Expedia, and longtime travel journalist Celeste Mitchell, this episode will take you through the huge range of options to fully explore Australia. Listen in as they debate the restaurant scenes in Sydney and Melbourne, detour through wine country and cocktail culture, and dive into the huge range of delicious experiences available in Oz - how about drinking sparkling wine and eating oysters while standing in the ocean? They also explore the beauty of slow travel, the power of connection with Indigenous culture, and even why visitors should consider taking in a Aussie rules football match - it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Put aside some of the animals you may have associated Australia with, and instead think about diving into experiences with whale sharks, humpback whales, kangaroos, and quokkas - see why Nissy is literally squealing with delight over the last on the list! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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