One Small Bite podcast

One Small Bite

David Orozco

Food Therapist and Nutritionist David Orozco brings you an Anti-Diet approach that will optimize your physical, emotional, and mental health One Small Bite at a time. David will help you chop harmful diet myths by providing thought provoking conversations grounded in sound nutritional science. From hot topics like fasting, fad diets, sleep, and chronic illnesses, to emotional health, David will help you create body positivity, build healthy relationships with eating, make peace with food, and work on your internal weight. David will cover proven methods to fuel your body and nourish your soul so that you thrive and evolve your internal mindset about health and wellness. The One Small Bite Podcast is where you come to challenge vulnerabilities in order to transform your life, small bites at a time. Subscribe today and take the first bite!

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