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Wetlands (w/ Josh and Kat)

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There's a quote at the beginning of the film that states that this text "should not be read or adapted to film". "Wir brauchen Gott" which translates to "we need God" finalizes the warning. I remember being told by my parents when I was younger "if you fiddle about with it too much, it'll fall off". The same can be said for whatever Helen who at every turn, in acts of defiance, tests the boundaries of social normalcy and sexual deviancy. 

This is the infamous German cinematic gem WETLANDS, directed by David Wnendt. You may be wondering, is it really as bad as people have said? As fairly desensitized individuals, I would say no, because it has genuine heart that if you allow yourself to look at it from anywhere other than surface level, you'll see a genuine story about a teenage girl who acts out as she's trying to get her parents back together. 

But honestly, for everyone else out there, this film is probably one of the most extreme examples of anything we've covered, so if you're of a sensitive disposition, you have been warned. If that doesn't phase you, the film will play to at the Enzian Cinema in Maitland Florida, as part of the Uncomfortable Brunch programming on Sunday February 4th, 12pm.

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