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Warlock: The Armageddon (w/ Tighe)

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The coming of the Eclipse marks the end of our "Spooky Penis Season" but as the runes need collected, the druids gather the sparkly Disney juice, and a Sands is born. Yeah, that's right! We're covering one of the late Julian Sands seminal roles as the eponymous WARLOCK! As a trilogy of films, Julian Sands plays the WARLOCK in the first two movies, alongside Richard E. Grant in the original Steve Miner film and Chris Young in the Anthony Hickox sequel. This is the film that we're uncovering this time, in WARLOCK: THE ARMAGEDDON! And we brought a friend, Tighe, ready to speak over "the rudest that ever troubled daylight!" in the most congratulatory and nostalgic episode in a long while. It's a shame that not only is Julian no longer with us but within this month, Anthony, the Director, is sadly no longer with us. Rest in Peace Kings!

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