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In a quatrain Nostradamus stated: "In the year 2024, two self-proclaimed cinephiles who uncover full-frontal male nudity in cinema, will uncover Mike Leigh's NAKED". It's crazy right? We can hardly believe it ourselves. 

But Nostradamus was right, we are covering Mike Leigh's NAKED. In a career best for David Thewlis, co-starring Lesley Sharp, Katrin Cartlidge, Gregg Cruttwell, Claire Skinner, Ewen Bremner et al., we dive deep into the seedy underbelly of urban London and it's nocturnal dwellers in what some have referred to as an "odyssey". 

Warnings have been shelled out before but NAKED is one which takes you to a very dark place so be advised even if 50% of us still believes this was a "black comedy". 

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