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Dogtooth (w/ Josh of Uncomfortable Brunch)

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This episode we look at the early filmography of Yorgos Lanthimos featuring DOGTOOTH! Famous for his more Western entries in his filmography, THE LOBSTER, THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, THE FAVOURITE and his recent Oscar winner POOR THINGS, we go back to the seminal turning point in his career: DOGTOOTH. 

He's been a prominent figure in Greek Cinema prior (part of the aptly put "Weird Wave") but it's fair to say that DOGTOOTH put him on the International map, nominated for a Best Foreign Feature Oscar in 2009. Doing so made this deeply darkly comic film (or horror, depending on your interpretation) available to a much wider audience at the time. And what a treat that is! 

It's funny how films like this have the habit of taking us all to the place we tend to stray to; the darkest places our humor can go honestly. Certainly Josh (not to throw him under the bus). Be warned, there is a lot of sarcastic chatter about inter-familial relations for which we do not seriously condone. But as we say, if you're not laughing, you're crying. 

Sit in your "sea", turn down the "pussy" and smell your "zombies", here we go! 

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