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Oh boy... What have we done to ourselves? 

In a moment of uncertainty we decided to double dip into the Winterbottom well. We knew we were going to review this film "at some point" BUT we didn't really know what we were letting ourselves in for. 

The "arthouse/mainstream/romantic/concert film" is only 69 (lol) minutes long but it feels like it's relatively short runtime. A film that depicts heavily gratuitous un-simulated sexual acts performed by our lead couple, some scenes depicting our lead character's job as a glaciologist (!) and 9 (counted and confirmed) songs of musical acts of the time performing at Brixton Academy in London. 

If you thought that it would add up to the sum total of "nothing" you'd be close. If you thought it was a bit of a shallow, uncomfortable experiment that doesn't really justify its needs and the pressure put on its performers, you may also be right. If you think its a bit pretentious, you'd also be on the right track. See what we have to say in one of our personal favourite breakdowns of a film we've done in a while.

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