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This week we’re breaking down “Training Day.” Michael becomes fast friends with the man who’s been hired to replace him at Dunder Mifflin, Deangelo Vickers, who is played by the very funny Will Ferrell! But once Michael introduces Deangelo to the office, Michael begins to have second thoughts about his replacement and leaving. The ladies make some Kahlua Sombreros in honor of Michael and Deangelo’s meet up and talk about what it was like to work with Will Ferrell for four episodes. Angela plays some deleted Michael and Deangelo scenes, and Jenna deep dives the origin of meet cutes. Angela also shares a song sung by her aunt and the ladies reminisce with temp job stories. We don’t have to lure you with a turtle to enjoy this episode because it’s a good one, way better than the TV Show “Babies I Don’t Care About.”


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