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Goodbye Michael with Greg Daniels, Pt 1

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This week we break down the first part of “Goodbye Michael” and we are joined by the writer of this episode, Greg Daniels! The office thinks tomorrow is Michael’s last day, but Michael has decided to secretly leave a day early. Greg shares his joy of writing this episode, including the easter egg of Michael pushing his Dundie on his desk to match the opening credits shot. Jenna points out how Michael has grown since the first Party Planning Committee meeting in Season One, but maybe the PPC hasn’t changed so much. Angela shares how even though Angela Martin couldn’t care less about Michael leaving, there are shots in this episode where Angela’s eyes are red from crying. It’s hard to let Michael leave to be with Holly and Toby’s brother, Rory, in Colorado, but this episode is still a total treat like vanilla ice cream with hot fudge so let’s fudge it up! 


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