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Occasionally Kate

Kate Higdon

You are a Human Becoming - Personal Development for business and life. Grow into the GREATNESS that is YOU! Perfection is a destination that does NOT exist... instead, focus on just becoming 1% better everyday. Always remember, It's gonna be OK!

6 Episodes

  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    The Struggle Will Help You Fly


    We all face struggles.  We all face those moments of being uncomfortable and come to the conclusion that we must make a choise... work through the struggle and fly or succumb to the struggle and let part of our authentic selves die. You, my friend, are WORTH the struggle!  And, we as the world, deserve to see and witness your glory!
  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    Simple Tip to Build Your Confidence


    Confidence can be slow to build and quick to crash.  Without it, it's difficult to get into the actions that move us forward toward our goals. Many times, it's the small daily decisions that truly build our confidence.  The promises we make to ourselves. The world needs YOU to show up as your most authentic self... your confidence is key in allowing you to have the courage to do just that... Show Up!
  • Occasionally Kate podcast

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  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    Eliminate this word NOW and be FREE!


    The words we say to ourselves are FAR more powerful than the words others say to us. Choose those words carefully.  Eliminate the disempowering language and change your mindset forever.
  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    Jealous Much?


    Jealousy raises it's ugly head more often than most of us would like.  The first step is to identify it when those feelings arise and then try to overcome it.   Jealousy can be like venom and affect our mindset and emotional state. This episode will share a simple tip I have found to get past it and focus on my own path.
  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    Occasionally Kate Episode 2


    Ever get paralyzed by fear?  Feel "less than", "undeserving", all making you show up small in your life? This episode shares a little game I play with myself to step into my greatness and take action.  A plan to help me show up BIG.
  • Occasionally Kate podcast

    Perfection is a Destination that Does NOT Exist


    So many of us, especially women, grow up pursuing "perfection".  This pursuit can be detrimental to our self image which affects everything in our life... professionally and personally. Truth is... PERFECTION is very uninspiring and inauthentic.  Pursuing becoming BETTER daily is inspiring.   Give yourself GRACE.  

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