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(Not So) Deep Sh*t on UFOs

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UFOs have been in the news a lot lately, and if you haven't been paying attention you might be wondering what's going on with them and why you should care about the subject. Unusual objects that seem to break the laws of physics have been detected in the skies by our military, Congress is finally taking notice that something strange is afoot, so now is a great time to get caught up to speed on the mystery. We've got you covered!

(Not So) Deep Sh*t breaks it all down with an introduction to everything about UFOs for those who are completely unfamiliar with this topic. Chris and Steve discuss their history with UFOs, the 2017 New York Times article that broke the story of the Pentagon's secret UFO program, what the difference is between a UFO and a UAP, the unclassified report delivered to Congress last Summer, and much more!

You'll also get their thoughts and predictions on the Congressional hearings on UFOs and what these unidentified phenomena zipping around our airspace could mean and the profound effect this could have on the future of our species. 

Now that's some seriously deep sh*t that you don't want to miss!

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