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(Not So) Deep Sh*t with Chris & Steve is BACK!

In this episode, Chris and Steve catch up on some recent news on the UFO topic, including an impending Pentagon report to Congress and the potential for more hearings!

Then, Chris & Steve discuss and review the newest release from documentary filmmaker James Fox, "Moment of Contact", about a fascinating incident involving a crashed UFO in Varginha, Brazil in January of 1996. 

Like the famous “Roswell Crash”, the Varginha case has everything you could want in a UFO Story: Strange craft crashing from the sky, captured alien bodies (dead and alive), lots of eyewitnesses (from 1996 and today), as well as an apparent cover-up by the governments of both Brazil AND the United States!

And the most remarkable aspect of all this is that although this “Varginha Crash” case is 26 years old, an enormous piece of evidence is potentially about to be released if rumors of a video of alien bodies are indeed true.

Chris and Steve recount their favorite parts of the film and give their thoughts about the documentary as a whole, and the wider implications if the story is true.

As always, a rip-roaring time will be had by all, so please check it out!

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