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The official podcast of NHPCO connects you with experts and leaders in hospice and palliative care with pertinent discussions about timely issues facing the field today. Judi Lund Person and Jennifer Kennedy will focus on pressing regulatory, compliance and quality topics and team NHPCO will focus on additional news of importance.

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  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 119: Palliative Care Core Screening Tools


    Later this month, NHPCO will be releasing Palliative Care Core Screening Tools. This resource is designed for hospice and palliative care teams to use with partners, such as primary care physicians and specialists, to help determine when a patient is seriously ill and may benefit from additional support. NHPCO's Lori Bishop talks with Dr. Bernice Burkarth and Dr. Tim Jessick about how these and other resources can create evidence and a shared vision of recommendations for patients across medical disciplines.
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 118: Improving CAHPS Scores


    Jon R sits down with NHPCO's Jennifer Kennedy and special guest Natalie McNeal, Executive Director of WellStar Community Hospice in Georgia. Jennifer provides an update on the latest news from CMS related to the CAHPS survey, and Natalie shares how her hospice adapted their practices in a COVID world to maintain their scores. Hear some practical tips of how your hospice can address low scoring topics in innovative ways.
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

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  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 117: DEI in Hospice and Palliative Care


    In this month's podcast, NHPCO's summer Diversity, Equity and Inclusion intern Lauren Wallace interviews Nicole McCann-Davis, chair of NHPCO's Diversity Advisory Council. Learn more about why DEI is so important in health care and how NHPCO's Diversity Advisory Council is working to support providers in their journey to provide equitable care
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 116: FY22 Final Rule


    In this month's podcast, JR talks with NHPCO's Judi Lund Person and Jennifer Kennedy about the FY22 Hospice Wage Index Final Rule. Along with basic information about the wage index values and rates, Judi and Jennifer take a deeper dive into how the final rule will affect providers - from regulatory areas of interest for CMS to changes in public reporting and data. Resources Mentioned in this Podcast FY22 Hospice Wage Index Final Rule Resources for NHPCO Members NHPCO Quality Connections Deprescribing Toolkit (under "Deprescribing Medications" header)
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 115: Rural Palliative Care


    This episode features NHPCO's Lori Bishop along with two special guests - Karla Weng and Janelle Shearer from Stratis Health. Karla and Janelle share their experiences working with rural communities to address the gap of palliative care services, from developing a framework to keeping it sustainable. They have also developed a toolkit that contains guidance and links to a comprehensive set of resources to build capacity to offer palliative care services. 
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 114: Opportunities in Contracting


    This episode features NHPCO's Lori Bishop, Annie Acs, and special guest Dave Ault, Counsel at Fagere Drinker. Lori, Annie and Dave provide an update on CMMI's models and demos and discuss contracting opportunities for providers, especially for community-based palliative care. Even if you’re comfortable in the situation you’re in, Dave encourages providers to think about how healthcare payment is moving and that it’s moving very quickly, but you don’t need to be left behind because there are so many different ways to participate. The podcast references a blog from NHPCO and NORC at the University of Chicago posted on the CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care website. Click through to read more: "Ensuring Equitable Access to Needed Care for the Seriously Ill through the Medicare Care Choices Model (MCCM) ."
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 113: Rebuilding Your Volunteer Program


    In this week's episode, Jon R. welcomes NHPCO's Judi Lund Person along with Stacy Groff, Vice President of Specialized Services at Tidewell Hospice. CMS is encouraging hospice programs to start rebuilding their volunteer programs in anticipation of the end of the public health emergency (and the 1135 waivers) on or around December 31, 2021. Judi and Stacy discuss what programs should be doing now to prepare, how leaders can empower their volunteer management staff as they work toward the 5% requirement, and utilizing MyNHPCO for support.
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 112: Yesterday Informing Today (Rebroadcast)


    This episode, originally aired in April 2019, features messages and themes that continue to be timely. In this special leadership episode, Jon R. sits down with former NHO President and CEO Jay Mahoney and Empath Health CEO Rafael Sciullo to discuss our evolution as an organization and how the principles that guided hospice over 40 years ago still hold true today.
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 111: FY22 Proposed Rule


    In this week's podcast, Jon talks with NHPCO's Judi Lund Person and Jennifer Kennedy about the FY22 Hospice Wage Index Proposed Rule. Listen to hear about both the regulatory and quality focused aspects of the proposed rule, including rebasing of rates, the importance of accurate cost reports, how 2022 quality data will impact 2024 payments, and more. Jon also shares NHPCO's participation in the HHS "We Can Do This" campaign.
  • NHPCO Podcast podcast

    Episode 110: Model Updates and Palliative Care Opportunities


    In this week's podcast, JR talks with NHPCO's Annie Acs and Lori Bishop. Annie gives an update on CMMI models and demos, and Lori connects the dots between these models, medical group practices, and opportunities to provide palliative care. Listen to learn more and hear how these opportunities, along with free resources from NHPCO, can also help you better serve underserved populations. And hear about a Disney film that surprised JR.

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