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Checkout two married nerds and their slant on all things geek.
Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.

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    Episode 134 - Mindhunter S2


    Mindhunter Season 2 ReviewAs most of you know, we are huge David Fincher fans and could not wait for season one to drop last year. It was a huge creative success, so we were waiting with bated breath as to how season two would shake out. Season two focused heavily on the Atlanta child murders in the late 70s early 80s and moved away from being interview focused. Was that the right move or should it have been more of the same?Listen to hear our take.
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    Episode 133 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood ReviewWe are big Tarantino fans here at Nerd Nuptial but that doesn't mean we're fans of everything he's ever done. "Classic" Tarantino is a mainstay in our household. So when we were walking into the theater for this one, we were hoping for a return to form. Thankfully, we got that and a whole lot more.We start the episode with Fleabag and Stranger Things 3. What did you think of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

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  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 132 - Spider-Man: Far From Home


    Spider-Man: Far From Home ReviewIn the latest MCU Spider-Man adventure, we travel beyond New York to several different European locations. Parker is still mourning the death of his mentor and struggling with the passing of the torch. The movie asks the question of whether or not Parker can handle it and Parker has no problem reminding the audience that he's only 16.In this episode, we review the strengths and weaknesses of this second solo Spidey outing for the MCU. Does it deliver the joy of Homecoming or does it stretch itself too thin in order to grow the character?
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 131 - Black Mirror S5


    Black Mirror Season 5, Fight Club, and Wonder Woman 5KWe pack a lot of episode in this week trying to make up for lost time. We start the show with how The Girl ran a Wonder Woman themed 5k. Then we move onto how we got to see Fight Club in 35mm at The Music Box downtown (and how it might not ever happen again for anyone due to the Disney buyout).Finally, we review the latest season of Black Mirror. Tekken sex, Polar Bears, Topher Grace, mouthy Alexa. Season 5 has it all.
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 130 - Disney+ and Star Wars


    Live-action Star Wars shows coming to a streaming box near you!"The Mandalorian" and Rogue One Prequel are coming to Disney+ in the near future. The first of their kind and we at Nerd Nuptial are very excited. A rumored third live-action show is coming as well ... but what could it be?In this episode, we discuss what we'd like to see and what we hope they stay away from. Knights of the Old Republic? Rebels prequel? Some completely original? Listen to find out.
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 129 - Avengers: Endgame Review


    Avengers: Endgame ReviewWe're a week late with the rest of the world but hopefully,​ that just gives more people to not get spoiled by our review. We give our spoiler-free​ impressions first and then, of course,​ give a warning before we get into spoiler territory. We loved Infinity War, got tingles when the movie ended, so Endgame had big Thanos sized shoes to fill. Did it live up to the hype or did it fizzle out like Doctor Strange's charisma? Listen to hear our review.
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 128 - Star Trek: Discovery Season 2


    Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 OverviewDiscovery's second season has now finished and it's time to talk about it! We've been watching with the beginning and there have been some definite improvements since season one. However, this does not mean it's been all roses and sunshine. Kicking off with a bang, "Brother" knocked our socks off. But did it get any better after that? Listen to hear us talk about what worked and what didn't. What was fascinating and what was a waste of time.
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 127 - Joker and Batman


    The New Joker Film and Batman Celebrates 80 YearsBatman recently turned 80 years old and he is still saving Gotham and putting bad guys behind bars. DC has pulled out all the stops in their celebrations but none so satisfying as releasing the first teaser trailer for Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" movie.Separate​ from the DCEU, this standalone film will explore the origins of this iteration of the Joker as well as the depths of his inevitable madness. Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push. We discuss the trailer, Joker, and the Batman mythos as a whole.
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 126 - Love, Death + Robots


    Love, Death + Robots, Arrested Development, and Triple FrontierThis was a great weekend for Netflix releases. It felt like it was almost geared specifically for us. David Fincher produced an anthology series based mostly on animation all centered around love, death, and you guessed it, robots. Arrested Development limps to a finish with season 5 part 2 and Triple Frontier was an extremely surprising breath of fresh air.Listen to hear our thoughts on all three and we absolutely want to hear yours!
  • Nerd Nuptial podcast

    Episode 125 - Captain Marvel


    Captain Marvel ReviewIn spite of the fanboy neckbeards trying to "review bomb" a film for having an outspoken female lead, Captain Marvel seems to be connecting and finding its audience. We had our reservations on seeing it in the theater because the trailers seemed uninteresting. However, we got to see it opening night and had a great theatrical experience. Listen to our spoiler-free review and more importantly, listen to The Girl talk about how representation matters for her and our little girl.

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