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Isaac Madson

I wanted to make a podcast about creating the world that I want to see. I grew up on the Navajo Nation and moved back after losing my career in the outdoor industry.

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  • Navabro podcast

    Interview Sten Jodi


    Today was the premiere of episode 4 of Reservation Dogs on FX. I was able to watch the episode before my conversation with Sten Joddi. Joddi plays Punkin. Punkin's character is a Native American rapper, he is the father of one of the central characters Bear. Joddi is a multitalented person. He is a tattoo artist, trained chef, musician, and makes his acting debut in episode 4 of Reservations Dogs. Joddi and Isaac talk about representation of Indigenous Peoples in media. They share similar stories and are able to have a conversation about their life experiences. Joddi and Isaac share their experience on building individual platforms. Joddi is a very talented person and I had a lot of fun having a conversation with him.
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    Ep 3 Show About Nothing


    Someone asked me what my podcast was about. I said its a show about nothing. Here's whats going on. If you found me though tiktok or instagram that is really great. I hope that I will grow and this podcast will be a way for you to get to know me a little better beyond my 15 seconds I appear on your phone. I really hope that I become someone that is your friend. Someone that has these stream of thoughts that are different. I'm trying.  I think this podcast is really about how I've become some person who has gained a following and is slowly learning who I am still. I'm really glad I recorded this episode. I speak about how I feel about my reactions I get when I tell people I don't drink and also my thoughts on how Bring It On and burning sage blend. My tiktok account is NAVABROisss and I will get better at creating a podcast. This is a journey for me and I hope you stay with me as I grow into a podcaster as well. 
  • Navabro podcast

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  • Navabro podcast

    Episode 2 - Instagram Live


    I tell the story of living in Cedar City, UT. As a gay Native American living in a red state, before same-sex marriage was legal. This podcast is organic. And its me on a microphone plugged into a USB outlet and talking. I just talk for a while. The editing isn't the best but I'm just practicing and one day this will sound the way I want it to. Here is episode 2. Thanks for hanging out with me.
  • Navabro podcast

    Preview of Episode 2


    Thank you to everyone that has helped me get this far. I'm doing what I can to create a podcast. Its been pretty great to hear the feedback. This is a preview of what Episode 2 will be about. I am writing it out and creating an outline with information that I would like to share. Episode 2 - Wanting to get up by 10/10
  • Navabro podcast

    Navabro Diné of the Future


    I want to learn my language Diné Bizaad. Learning our language is important in the progression of our people in the future.
  • Navabro podcast

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