Nature Connections podcast

Nature Connections

Jordan Edner

Nature Connections is a place to explore the relationship between spending time in nature and developing an environmental ethic. Join Jordan Edner as she interviews people who work with the natural world in various capacities to gain a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature.

13 Episodes

  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #12: Exploring Integral Environmentalism with Trace Bell


    The future of environmentalism is bright. Integral environmentalism is just around the corner but what would that actually look like? Join Trace and Jordan to discuss spiral dynamics and environmentalism as well as the role spirituality plays in creating an environmental ethic. ResourcesTrace's Website: Website:
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #11: Nature Connections Through Meditation with David Gandleman


    In this episode, meditation teacher, author, and podcast host David Gandleman joins Jordan to discuss his relationship with nature. David has found that meditation and traveling to learn from other cultures has helped deepen his connection with nature. ResourcesDavid's Website: Matters Podcast: Sleep Podcast:
  • Nature Connections podcast

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  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #10: Rousseau's Contribution to Environmentalism with Gaetano DeLeonibus


    Gaetano DeLeonibus is a professor of French at Willamette University. He has studied and taught courses on Rousseau for years. Join Gaetano and Jordan to discuss Jean Jacques Rousseau's contribution to modern environmentalism. Although Rousseau hasn't been alive for hundreds of years, his idea of the Solitary Walker can be used to help us all care more about the environment.
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #9: From The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: Ben Lawhon


    The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics educates people on the importance of caring for nature and how to responsibly spend time outside. Join Jordan as she speaks with Ben Lawhon, the Director of Research and Education at the LNT Center for Outdoor Ethics. Ben is passionate about conservation and is able to share his environmental ethic through his work. Jordan and Ben discuss the importance of caring for our environment as well as ways to inspire others to start thinking about nature ethically.Resources
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #8: Living Sustainably with Jay Hipps


    Jay developed a connection to nature at an early age that has continued throughout his life. Join Jordan and Jay as they discuss how he has used his love of the environment to live a more sustainable life.
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #7: Director of the North American Ski Training Center: Chris Fellows


    Chris is the Co-Founder and Director of the North American Ski Training Center and has dedicated his life to helping people get outdoors. Join Jordan and Chris as they discuss the power of spending time in nature and the impact of technology on our outdoor experiences.
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #6: Elizabeth Bauer


    Elizabeth is a mother of three and an outdoor enthusiast. She has always loved spending time in nature and has been able to share her love with her children. Join Jordan and Elizabeth as they discuss the benefits of spending time in nature and Elizabeth's environmental ethic.
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #5: Sportsman and Educator Jim Keating


    Jim grew up spending his days hunting and fishing in Colorado. He later became a teacher and was able to share his love of the outdoors with his students. Join Jordan and Jim as they discuss Jim's environmental ethic and the importance of getting everyone involved in conservation.
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #4: From The Catamount Institute: Chris Aaby


    The Catamount Institute focuses on connecting children to the outdoors through various educational programs and camps. Join Jordan and Chris as they talk about the importance of teaching kids environmental stewardship and creating a lifelong relationship with nature.ResourcesThe Catamount Institute:
  • Nature Connections podcast

    Episode #3: From The American Conservation Coalition: Quill Robinson


    The American Conservation Coalition is an environmental advocacy group made up of young conservatives. They focus on market based solutions to climate change as well as a limited government approach to environmentalism. Join Jordan and Quill as they discuss ACC, The Great American Outdoors Act, and environmental ethics.ResourcesAmerican Conservation Coalition Website: American Climate Contract: Membership:

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