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Moving Past Murder

Collier Landry

I'm Collier Landry, subject of the Investigation Discovery documentary 'A Murder in Mansfield'. On New Year's Eve 1989, I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of 2 loud thuds. The next morning my mother was missing and I knew she was no longer alive. No one believed me except one detective; 25 days later, police found my mother's body buried beneath the basement floor of my father's new home he purchased for his mistress. I had witnessed a murder, and at the age of 12, I testified against my father at his month-long murder trial. He is still incarcerated to this day. In this podcast, we will cover the unanswered questions behind murder, its motives, and moving on. I will take you on an inside journey into the mind of a sociopath, where I will read my father’s never-before-seen letters, from prison for the first time. We will examine how sometimes we don't always get the answers we seek, but we end up getting the answers we need, as we explore... Moving Past Murder.

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  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Diary of a Sociopath: Collier reads one of his father's letters from prison for the first time.


    Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher discuss one of Collier's Father's letters to him from prison. Collier becomes angry when he discovers how his father tries to manipulate and gaslight him. Collier's father's use of his mother's family to illustrate his vapid point enrages Collier and leads he and Brenda to call into question how his father thinks he can get away with this horrible behavior. YouTube Video Link: ( Note: this episode contains explicit language.
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Power VS Authority: Former Detroit PD Officer turned attorney and author David Robinson, Esq. on the Police & America.


    Collier and Brenda welcome attorney and author David Robinson, Esq. to the program to share his thoughts on the current state of policing in the United States. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, and on both sides of the infamous "Blue Line", David's unique perspective elevates the current debate of Power VS Authority, and how much is too much? We explore how the curing of "the symptoms" does not cure "the disease", but rather further escalates the current crash course between the civilian population and those in uniform trying to keep the streets safe. Collier notes how the current situation seems to go far beyond race and/or gender, but rather comes down to one simple scenario: those who seek to maintain power versus those who seek to attain it. Also, Collier debates who would win in a K-Pop karaoke battle royale- the LAPD OR Team USA's Men's Water Polo team? Note: As always, this podcast contains colorful language that some of our listeners might not consider SFW, even when working from home... Link to YouTube version of this episode: (
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

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  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    AFTER THE UPRISING co-creator Ray Nowosielski on the death of Danyé Jones... Suicide or Murder?


    Ray Nowosielski joins the podcast to talk about After the Uprising, his NEW project with iHeart Radio and NowThis premiering June 15, 2021. Ray, producer on Collier's A Murder in Mansfield waxes all things true crime with Collier and Brenda and the death of Danyé Jones, son of prominent Ferguson activist Melissa McKinnies. The tragedy, ruled a suicide and just as quickly dismissed by police, left behind more unanswered questions and the possibility that this tragedy may have actually been a murder. Suicide or decide! Check out this serial 11-Part series podcast premiering on iHeart Radio and NowThis starting June 15, 2021. iHeart link here: YouTube link to this episode:
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    My Story Part Two...the next day.. RE-BROADCAST


    The morning after my 11 year-old self was jolted from my sleep on December 31, 1989 to the sound of a scream followed by two loud thuds, I come downstairs to confront my father. When I demanded my father answer a simple question "WHERE IS MY MOTHER!?" he nonchalantly says "Mommy took a little vacation Collier". The rest, as we say, is history... Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher discuss the details of how his father's trial and eventual conviction unfold, along with Collier's ordeal with the foster care system after both sides of his family abandons him. YouTube link: Note: This is a re-broadcast of an earlier episode in the series
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    The beginning of the end: 11 year old Collier Boyle witnesses the murder of his mother by his father...


    New Year's Eve 1989...the beginning of the end...11 year old Collier Boyle witnesses the murder of his mother... by his father. Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher discuss the night that changed Collier's life and family forever: New Year's Eve 1989, the night he witnessed his father murder his mother. YouTube link: ( ***. Please Like and Subscribe! *** More episodes available here:
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Collier's Father celebrates his 78th Birthday in prison; Finding one's identity through a serial killer!?!


    Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher discuss: -The arrest of John Henry Mack for the kidnapping and murder of Melinda Kay Davis, and how he is now facing the death penalty. -The supportive family of Todd Blevins reaching out via Collier's YouTube channel offering new information. -Collier reads a new email from his father who turned 78 on May 1st in Marion Correctional Institution, which marks his 31st birthday he has spent in incarceration. -After finally watching the FX limited series "The Most Dangerous Animal of All", Collier empathizes with the series' protagonist, Gary Stewart's pursuit of finding the identity of his father. Link to YouTube video of this episode: ( Note: This episode contains colorful language (but you probably already know that!)
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Diary of a Sociopath: Collier's father romanticizes falling in love with his mother. After he murdered her.


    Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher discuss as Collier reads his father's letter from prison in which he romanticizes how he met and fell in love with Collier's mother. The letter concludes with his father blaming the "Mansfield Crooks" for destroying his life and for his incarceration, yet never admits his own role in the murder of Collier's mother, which he was convicted for on June 24, 1990. Collier shares his own story of how the probate lawyers in the case took advantage of a young and helpless Collier financially. The episode concludes with Collier explaining all of his father's manipulation tactics, which are fully on display in this correspondence. YouTube video link:
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Murder? Self Defense?: Todd Blevins' wife Rebecca E. Harris Blevins arrested for his murder in Lexington, Ohio on April 27th


    Todd Blevins...murder or Self-Defense? Collier and Brenda discuss the April 27th arrest of Rebecca E. Harris Blevins for the murder of her husband Todd Blevins in Lexington, Ohio, a suburb of Collier's hometown of Mansfield. As some pointed out on Social Media, the details of the case share similarities with the murder of Collier's own mother by his father, Dr. John F. Boyle, Jr. Those include the body of Mr. Blevins being buried in the basement of his home and the accused being charged with "abuse of a corpse". Collier suspects that perhaps domestic violence had played a part in this tragedy and that maybe this murder is a case of self defense gone horribly wrong. More concerning to both Collier and Brenda are the children, who are most certain to be without both of their parents for the better part of their lives. YouTube Episode link: (
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    MY STALKER: Collier's stalker re-emerges with a disturbing email after she contacts his father in prison


    Having been blocked years ago, and seeking to reach new lows,  Collier shares a disturbing email he receives from his stalker after she contacted his father in prison via the Jpay email app for contacting incarcerated prisoners. In this episode, Collier shares the backstory of  how he came to know this woman and then reads the email she has shared between her and my sociopathic father, who he witnessed murder his mother when he was 11 years old. Collier Landry and Brenda Fisher ponder what the hidden agenda is behind her attempt at reaching new lows in order to get Collier's attention and why she is playing this sick and twisted game? Even more disturbing than that, the letter reveals Collier's father's true anger toward him for not advocating for his release on parole in December 2020! YouTube Video link: ( NOTE:  The content of this episode might be disturbing to some viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Moving Past Murder podcast

    Sins of the Father, Part 1: The damage caused by Collier's father's violence on his mother's family comes full circle.


    Collier shares with Brenda how his mother Noreen's cousin recently reached out after seeing his documentary "A Murder in Mansfield". When Collier seeks to find out more about his mother's childhood from her family, he is shutdown simply for being "his father's son". Collier remembers how he was shut down many years ago by both his mother AND father's family, who labeled him "guilty by association", despite Collier's crusade in aiding the investigation of his mother's murder, leading to his father's conviction for her murder. Collier reveals how this stigma has haunted him his entire life and seeks to understand if other "children of murderers" face the same hurdles in life. YouTube video link: ( Note: this episode contains colorful language.

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