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Episode 323: The Case of Virginia Rappe

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Ash, doing an Old Hollywood case? Groundbreaking. This one will have you spiraling through a whole slew of different emotions. It’s the case of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle and Virginia Rappe. Back in the 20’s Roscoe Arbuckle, known as “Fatty” in his movies, was one of the most beloved actors. He and three of his friends decided to throw a Labor day prohibition party at a hotel in San Francisco. It was supposed to celebrate one of Roscoe’s latest roles and be a great time with all kinds of young and happenin’ celebrities but by the end of the night one party-goer, a rising star Virginia Rappe, would end up incredibly ill and would later die in the hospital from something that may or may not have happened to her at this party.

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