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Episode 311: Matthew Hoffman AKA The Leaf Killer

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Matthew John Hoffman was a strange guy. He was in a constant flux of being a quiet, yet unassuming guy to then having bouts of strange and off-putting behavior. It was his love of trees that gave him comfort and seemed to keep him settled at times, but on November 9, 2010 he broke into a quiet home in Apple Valley, Ohio, brutally taking the lives of Tina Hermann, her 11 year old son Kody and her best friend Stephanie Sprang, before leaving with 13 year old Sarah Maynard in his clutches. 

Soon, Hoffman's obsession with trees would become the defining piece of this killer's pathology. In Part 1, we discuss his puzzling history, the lives of Tina, Kody and Stephanie, and the house of horrors he brought Sarah back to. 

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The Girl in the Leaves by Robert Scott

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