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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/13/21

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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Article II, Section I, Clause 2 is clear that it gives the broadest power to the state legislatures to decide the time, manner, and place of its elections. In the contested election of 2000, the Supreme Court stepped in to defend the Constitution. In the 2020 election, they refused to intervene in the state of Pennsylvania's overreach. On Sunday, Justice Steven Breyer said that none of the cases brought met the criteria of having four Justices agree to take the case. This program has repeatedly made the case that the Constitution is clear that each state shall appoint the electors they see fit. Breyer was wrong and never cited which criteria he was referring to. Then, serial lying from the Biden Administration continues to go unchecked by the media. Even FDA officials are stepping down because they disagree with President Biden and Anthony Fauci's push for booster shots. Forcing people to get vaccinated is not the same as keeping a clean workplace under OSHA standards. Later, Secretary Antony Blinken is questioned by members of Congress and offers little in his responses on Afghanistan. When pressed on why nothing is being done to get Americans out of Afghanistan, Blinken said he was unaware of any such problems. Afterward, Curtis Sliwa, the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City joins the show to explain how he's in the battle for a lifetime to save the City of New York. His opponent Eric Adams poses as a moderate when he's as far to the left as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and was mentored by Al Sharpton. Finally, California is no longer the land of opportunity, and it needs to be helped by Larry Elder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/25/21


    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the top 20% of income-earners in the U.S pay nearly 70% of all income taxes and the top 1% pays nearly 30% with 61% of Americans paying no income taxes at all. Yet Democrats spread lies about these taxpayers saying they don't pay their fair share. Then, adding 84,000 new tax collectors will target most American families with more than $10,000 in annual expenses to trigger audits on everyday Americans. This is a tax on unrealized wealth - your wealth! Later, President Biden visited NJ to make a speech about how much Americans should spend on childcare. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci's facing heat for a cruel experiment on beagle puppies. Afterward, Barack Obama stumped for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and spread more lies to normalize critical race theory and parental concerns over the rape and cover-ups that occurred at two different high schools. It's important to note that Obama sent his kids to an expensive private school, just like McAuliffe did. Marxists never treat people as individual human beings. They just use people and exploit their race through the public school system for their own political benefit. Finally, American Marxists in the media have abandoned impartiality and have focused on pushing the notion of GOP radicalism. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/22/21


    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, the Washington Post and has done its best to downplay the Holocaust yet they were quick to attack Glenn Youngkin as an anti-Semite for criticizing George Soros' political influence on public education. Soros has promoted radical left-wing policies for decades. Then, the border is in the worst condition it's ever been in! Despite being the most tolerant and beneficent nation, the left insists on expanding immigration with an open border. Despite welcoming the downtrodden, Democrat policies like these welcome drug traffickers, human smugglers, and murderers - a policy like this is not safe or sustainable. Later, blue-collar, first responders, truckers, and grocery store staff deserve our thanks. As do the men and women of the border patrol who protect us from MS-13 gangs yet President Biden is willing to fire them all over a vaccine mandate. What happens when a citizen has an emergency and calls 911 but the first responders have been laid off because of Biden's mandate? Afterward, Biden's not a union man. Driving up the cost of food and gas while mismanaging the supply chain isn't a union issue. Allowing hundreds of thousands of people to illegally cross the border into the United States is not a union issue. This is a Democrat issue that Joe Biden and Terry McAuliffe support, as is the push for transgenderism and racism in the classroom. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/21/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden regularly violates the Constitution, and the Democrats could care less. School districts are promoting critical race theory and transgenderism, but they want to go after Donald Trump and his White House staff. All the Democrats can focus on is nationalizing everything they can get their hands on, maintaining an open border, and diminishing the U.S economy. Later, Attorney Merrick Garland was questioned in a hearing after he issued a memo labeling parents as domestic terrorists and admitted that the only report his office reviewed was a single letter from the National School Board Association. Garland also admitted that he was not even aware who asked him to write the memo, but suggested it wasn't the White House. How much more dishonesty from the government will Americans put up with? Afterward, retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila joins the show to discuss a dubious assignment he was sent on in 2011 where he was attacked and shot three times by a cartel hit squad. Avila blames the Obama-Biden administration for poor planning and a failure to protect ICE agents serving abroad. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/20/21


    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, how has Joe Biden done a good job as President? The southern border is wide open and our immigration system is broken. Yet President Biden is concerned about paid family leave and hiring more IRS agents to collect more taxes and spy on our bank accounts. Sen. Joe Manchin is suspected to capitulate to a lower number ($1.9 - 2.2 Billion) to help Democrats get their trillion-dollar spending bill. Then, IRS monitoring bank transactions that are more than $600 is an open door to permanent surveillance of one's funds. Later, at the January 6th select committee hearing, Liz Cheney claimed that the actions of White House staff refusing congressional subpoenas suggests that they are covering for former President Trump. Afterward, commentator Mollie Hemingway calls in to discuss her new book "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections."  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/19/21


    On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, people deprived of a religious exemption for vaccinations can sue their employers. The federal government has no authority to issue any such mandate, only states have that type of police power. Professor Ken Terry writes on the legality of vaccination mandates, noting that they have quarantine powers but no precedent to force inoculations. Conversely the U.S Supreme Court has underscored an individual's right to bodily autonomy on several occasions. Then, Levinites and the citizenry alike have a better understanding of utopianism and Marxism in part because of this program and its associated writings. The key to fighting this ideological war is to understand the enemy's plan and that's exactly what this program exposes. Later, Democrats attack consumers as if the industrial revolution never happened. It’s because they hate capitalism and blame all ills on it. Afterward, Terry McAuliffe is virtually running against Donald Trump in his race for governor of Virginia. McAuliffe was even called out by the media for failing to respond to Republican candidate GleNn Youngkin and rather just pays lip service to former President Trump. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/18/21


    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, General Colin Powell has passed away. He was National Security Advisor to President Reagan and has always had a respected and mixed political record in Washington. Secretary Powell was an honorable man and loved his country but he did have a mixed record. Then, so-called journalists in the media seem to be preparing to tarnish any potential future Trump candidacy, treating former President Trump as if he's a disease in remission but not quite cured. Criticizing and pressuring their colleagues to not question Biden's inadequacies as president. A biased media is a true threat to the success and future of this republic. Later, Twitter and Facebook are the enemy and they are damaging our country. They believe in promoting lies and banning, then-sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump. Similarly, China is developing new and stronger weapons to further advance their global position. Afterward, the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi's politburo now want to usurp executive privilege to get information from President Trump's then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and other White House staffers with the hopes of uncovering embarrassing information to ridicule Trump. Congress' subpoena power has never existed for the political benefit of one's political opposition. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/15/21


    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, California passed two laws that have destroyed part of the state's trucking industry by banning the vehicle registration of trucks older than 2010 in a push for electric trucks and eliminating drivers younger than 21 years old. Additionally, California has banned non-union truckers from working in California ports. The same wording from the California law is included in the Congressional infrastructure bill that is part of Biden's "Build Back Better" plan so this supply chain problem will spread nationwide. Then, there was an insurrection at the Interior Department in Washington DC where climate rioters tried to push past the police line while attempting to break into the federal building. The group was reportedly composed of indigenous community leaders that oppose the use of fossil fuels. Later, the money that's been poured into public education isn't paying off. Test scores have dropped to the lowest level in years. The educational bureaucrats in the teacher's unions aren't concerned with educating students, they're concerned with gaining power through the Democrat party. The monopoly on public education must be broken up and parental school choice must expand in all states. Afterward, Jason Miyares, candidate for Attorney General of Virginia, calls in to explain how progressives Democrats are soft on crime and putting violent criminals on the streets for the sake of gaining political power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/14/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, due to President Biden's policies, the wholesale inflation rate for September was 8.6% and was the highest rate of the year. Since it's taking longer to get goods from overseas, there's a situation where too many paper dollars are chasing after too few goods and this hurts all Americans. Inflation has gone up and the number of available jobs will go down. Consumers are panicking and hoarding whatever they can get their hands on for fear of the impending recession. Then, Biden's actions to shut down the Keystone Pipeline slowed down oil production on federal land, so now gasoline is at a 7-year high and America went from being an exporter of energy to being an importer of foreign energy. Democrats are using their razor-thin majorities to fundamentally change the economy which will destroy the currency and ultimately the country. Later, a federal judge has ruled that the warden of the D.C jail holding some January 6th prisoners, be held in contempt of court and is being referred to the AG for a federal civil rights investigation. Afterward, the intricacies involved in producing a wooden pencil, as described in the i-pencil video, is proof that this supply chain mess that Biden has created will affect a lot more than just the ports and truckers. Finally, the candidate for Lt Governor of VA, Winsome Sears, calls in with an update on her race and shares her personal story of her time as a Marine and when she sold her car and traveled with a child seat on the back of her bicycle to get through college. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/13/21


    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, whether it’s COVID, Afghanistan, or the economy, President Biden’s speeches have become predictable – he points the finger, says he will fix it with government programs, and then leaves without taking questions. We've had situations in the past but we’ve never had supply chain issues. The problem with the Biden administration is that there are no pro-growth policies and no economic expansion policies. Biden’s aim is to massively spend your taxpayer money and fundamentally alter the economy. Democrats are set on their own American Marxist model, so they attack capitalism and use class warfare to turn one person against another. Later, the Loudoun County school board put out a statement claiming they didn’t know that Scott Smith’s daughter was raped in a school bathroom. If there was a violent attack in school, it would have definitely been brought to the attention of the board. The Loudoun county superintendent and school board should resign. Also, Janet Yellen doesn’t know why you are concerned with the IRS peeking into your bank account. They want every transaction of $600 to be monitored. They’re not going to catch tax cheats with a $600 transaction. This is their way to get a foot in the door so they can spy on you. Finally, Bret Baier calls in to discuss his new book, To Rescue the Republic: Ulysses S. Grant, the Fragile Union, and the Crisis of 1876. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/12/21


    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, we're headed for a recession, businesses can't find employees, there are food shortages, the cost of energy and goods are up because President Biden and the Democrats are imposing a third world economic plan on the United States. The White House supply chain task force is made up of people who've never actually worked in the private industry and don't recognize the severity of their actions. Yet, the White House says that now is the time to fundamentally transform the U.S economy. Then, Democrats will reduce the final dollar amount of their debt proposal to get it through. While extending the end dates of certain programs to hang this future debt on our children and grandchildren. This is partly the result of Democrat governors shutting down their state economies and subsidizing unemployment so people could stay home. Later, natural immunity continues to be ignored by Biden, the CDC, and Anthony Fauci. New studies are finding that antibodies are stronger than previously thought. What difference does it make who's vaccinated as long as you are? Afterward, a Loudoun County dad, whose daughter was raped in a school bathroom, was arrested at a school board meeting last June after the meeting was deemed an unlawful assembly by county sheriffs. He was dragged out for speaking against transgender policies allowing biological boys to enter girls' bathrooms. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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