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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/21/21

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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republican members of the House from serving on her January 6th inquisition (committee). Will Pelosi testify publicly and under oath so we can find out what she knew and when she knew it? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and recounts how he told Pelosi that Republicans will not participate in her sham committee if she won't allow him to decide which Republicans will participate. She continues using proxy voting despite Republicans actually showing up to work. Members that reject America like Rep. Ilhan Omar and others are fueling the movement to re-elect Republicans in the House and Senate. Then, the teachers union pushes racial theories, while the non-existent media has become a cadre of self-aggrandizing propagandists that hold up the Jew-hating, lie-peddling and have the New York Times as their gold standard. The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and Jm Crow and will do anything for power. They use the instrumentalities of government to steal money, destroy capitalism and free speech, corrupt our judiciary, and relentlessly perpetuate racism. But, their false claims of White supremacy will backfire and We The People will rise up and lawfully reclaim our nation from American Marxism. Afterward, Legal Scholar Randy Barnett calls in to explain that "court-packing" or changing the number of justices to change how the court rules is a violation of the necessary and proper rule. Barnett feels that the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court will explore the idea of court-packing and how unprecedented this particular situation is. Finally, Pastor John Hagee calls in to discuss his new book, Absolute Power: Unlock Potential. Fulfill Your Destiny. Americans need a new dawn of hope regarding their own success. God's absolute power transforms personal problems and the fake news that clouds any individual's future. the past can't control your future.

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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/24/21


    On Fridays Mark Levin Show, all Haitian migrants that had crossed illegally into the U.S, have vanished from the international bridge. Of the 30,000 migrants, more than 12,000 of them were released into cities across our nation. This administration is lying and constantly creating a state of tumult so that they can step in and save the day with big government programs. Yet the media will have you focus on a couple of horses. Then, Democrats are happy to diminish law enforcement agencies like NYPD, Minneapolis Police, and now the U.S Border Patrol but they never criticize the Capitol Police or the FBI. Without any investigation completed as of yet, President Biden says that the horse-mounted border agents will pay. Later, PJ media is reporting that the Arizona audit of the 2020 general election shows discrepancies that leave room for potential fraud. There were 42,727 impacted ballots ranked as “high” or “critical” severity—that’s four times the certified margin of victory. Afterward, why do we care about the wealthy? The left calls whatever amount they determine to be one's 'fair share.' Joe Biden didn't pay his fair share. The redistribution of wealth is going directly to Biden's base in many respects. Biden's federal plan to ‘fundamentally change’ the economy is taking away aspects of what individuals have earned and created, their labor, through confiscatory taxes - this is an attack on your liberty as the central government seeks to control more of your life.
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/23/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, this program is sick and tired of racism pushed by Democrats. Whether it's Joy Reid, the Democrat Party, or the media. The left uses anti-white racism conveniently to pursue their own interests. The vast majority of this country are tolerant, fair people that see past skin color. They have redefined racism to only apply to a certain group, but not all bigots fueled by race-hatred. The left uses reparations as one more way to redistribute the wealth of others. Interestingly the border is flooded with people of color desperately trying to get into this nation that they call racist and white supremacist. Then, the media is the scum of the earth, they are frauds. Joy Reid is a bigoted hate-monger that promotes anti-white bias and she should be fired for her comments about "missing white woman syndrome." What's truly appalling about this leftwing ignorance syndrome is that Reid never uses her platform to help stop the slaughter of people of color in cities mainly run by Democrats. Later, Chicano studies have laid the foundation for Marxists that want to promote anti-white racism. So many journalists today espouse these Marxist beliefs and spread them. This is why they support erasing the border. Afterward, the New York Post, confirming what this program has discussed regarding President Biden's skirting of Medicare taxes, is reporting that Biden owes upwards of $500K in back taxes. Biden set up an S corporation in order to avoid paying payroll taxes as an employee.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/22/21


    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, a belief that Republicans will slaughter the Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections is no reason to sit on one's laurels. Americans must organize now that a movement has been built. After 10 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list and one million copies of Mark Levin's American Marxism book now sold, there are one million people that understand how American Marxists work. They are better prepared to get active and counter President Biden's policies and the American Marxists implementing them. Then, the Biden Administration is sabotaging America. Democrats feed on a divided, and economically weak America because that's when the American Marxists step in to offer all sorts of free government support. This is the Cloward and Piven strategy of overwhelming the system, crashing it, blaming it, and transforming it. Later, a group of 15,000 Haitians has illegally crossed the border into Del Rio, Texas. The media goes after the border patrol on horseback instead of after Biden's policies. Anyone challenging this gets labeled a xenophobic racist. This is how the radicals change the voter rolls, by changing the citizenry. Meanwhile, when Cubans that escaped communism were rejected while all other immigrants escaping their countries are welcomed. Afterward, Democrats are attacking the funding of Israel’s Iron Dome yet they never complained about the massive spending bills they've advanced. Finally, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in with an update on why Democrats defunded the Iron Dome that protects Israel because the pro-BDS anti-Israel leftwing is running the Party.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/21/21


    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. President Biden has lots of problems from the border chaos, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and the budget reconciliation crisis and CNN is covering all of them to distract from Special Counsel Durham's indictment of Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussman. Then, Members of the FBI did the dirty work of the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee and did it through a web of lawyers. The media spread the lies that promoted the phony Russian Collusion story peddled by Sussman on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Later, John Durham's investigation may lead to Hillary Clinton appearing in front of a grand jury. This investigation may lead as high as officials in the White House and the FBI as well. Afterward, the border chaos continues as all manner of unidentified people including trafficked children and gang members steadily grows. Yet rather than be upset by the Biden-made humanitarian crisis, the White House is investigating the horse-mounted border patrol agents that corralled and grabbed the shirt of a Haitian migrant that crossed the border illegally.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/20/21


    On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Rich Valdes, Mr Call Screener, fills in for Mark. It’s been 10 years since occupy wall street and the radical all-out crazy left wing of the Democrat Party and now they are stronger than ever. In 10 years they’ve gone from occupying a small park in NYC to occupying Congress, newsrooms, classrooms, and even the White House. The left is threatening the livelihood of free thinkers to keep them in line. We need to replace them. Replace your school board, become the teacher or the professor. The goal is and always was, to win the battle in the free marketplace of ideas. But the Americans on the left have put their thumbs on the scale. Then, Abraham Lincoln gave us a warning in his Lyceum Address. He explains to us what is to come if people in government become corrupted. Later, the southern border is wide open and the White House seems like they don’t care. Donald Trump fixed this crisis but it came back because of President Biden’s incompetence.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/17/21


    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden has always been an evil man. From what he did to Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Tara Reade, to lying about his school records. Now, he's holding back monoclonal antibodies from the state of Florida. These therapeutics were distributed by need, not by equity, but that supply has now been cut by the federal government. The insanity of this man is becoming the insanity of this country. Jen Psaki argued that the supply was rationed because of Florida's lax vaccination standards, despite having a higher vaccination rate than Washington, DC, or Illinois. Gov Ron DeSantis has long been a proponent of vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapeutics and his citizens are being told, by their party-first president, to drop dead. Later, the secretary of Defense has the duty of reporting to the President and offer the best advice. Allowing Gen mark Milley to be a rogue actor is negligent and it's never routine to do it after a conversation with Speaker Pelosi which gives the patina of a soft coup. It was confirmed by Gen. McKenzie that Biden's drone strike did in fact kill as many as 10 civilians including up to seven children, not an ISIS-K militant. Afterward, Rep. Chip Roy calls in to explain the severity of the situation at the Texas-Mexico border. Roy cited increases in child trafficking and drug smuggling which affects the entire country and has called for Biden's impeachment for abdicating his Constitutional responsibility. Roy added that Texans will also suffer because of Biden's creation of a rationing problem that didn't even exist. HHS refused to respond to whether there was a shortage of treatments or not.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/16/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, upon this program's review of federal laws on the role of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it was determined that the Chairman has no command function over the United States military. None. Although, the Chairman can oversee a combat command function if asked to do so on behalf of the Secretary of Defense. General Mark Milley seized power in contravention of the federal statute. There’s leaking to news outlets to spin the Milley story and minimize its negative fallout. Later, Attorney Michael Sussman from Perkins Coie, the firm that represented Hillary Clinton, has been indicted in John Durham's investigation. He's being charged with making false statements to the FBI when he lied about representing Hillary Clinton in 2016 while lying about Donald Trump. This is the same law firm that laundered the money for the phony dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democrat National Committee. Clinton's lawyer, Marc Elias, has raised $715 million through a web of dark money front groups that are prepared to sue their way around existing laws - this must be stopped. Meanwhile, Julie Kelly, Sr. Contributor at American Greatness, joins the show to take on Phillip Bump from the Washington Post who is now attacking this program for the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. Kelly added that two federal judges have raised questions as to the constitutionality of some of these felonies that are being levied against some protesters that didn't even enter the Capitol Building. Afterward, President Biden wants to destroy jobs, the currency, and the American way of life by using Marxism. No company in America has more money and employees than the US federal government and they have the power to make laws. And the Democrat Party wants to be the permanent singular party that dominates all control of the state and its bureaucracy. Finally, Larry Kudlow, former Director of the National Economic Council during the Trump Administration, calls in to discuss how Biden's use of class warfare and welfare programs will further rig the playing field instead of leveling it for all Americans. The Trump Tax cuts did that and the Biden Tax increases will kill those gains.
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/15/21


    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, WPHT Radio Host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. It's difficult to believe Bob Woodward, but Gen Mark Milley is a woke General so this report rings true. Milley has cited "America's original sin" in support of the 1619 project, "white rage" and his previous detrimental comments regarding former President Trump.  Why would Milley make such comments to think there's even a hint of a reason to believe that Trump would launch an attack on China? An immediate investigation is needed to get to the bottom of these secret phone calls with China. Later, the public is slowly learning that Anthony Fauci and the federal government lied about the origin of the coronavirus. Now evidence is emerging that reveals that Fauci lied about the US's role in gain of function research. Afterward, masking kids and indoctrinating them in public school continues and the politicians think parents shouldn't even have a say in the matter. The pro-Marxist movement wants to label anyone that opposes them as a white supremacist and woke teachers are teaching children that whiteness is an extension of white supremacy.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/14/21


    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, California will decide if they retain their liberty by electing a new governor or vote for tyranny and keeping Gov Gavin Newsom in office. Larry Elder is a vote to save the state and reject all of the radical changes enacted in California that shut churches, closed businesses, and eliminated many basic rights. Then, spineless leadership by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the comments of George W. Bush comparing those that attacked America on September 11th with rioters trespassing in the Capitol Building on January 6th are an absolute Disgrace. Judge Mehta is now the second federal judge questioning the constitutionality of felony charges that the government has brought against members of groups such as the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and the Proud Boys. Later, the media is working with the government to destroy our liberty. Bob Woodward's new book trashes Donald Trump again, but it also reveals that Gen. Mark Milley tried to lead a coup by warning the Chinese of any military strikes by the U.S. Milley held secret phone calls with Chinese military Gen. Li behind the back of then-President Trump. If the book is accurate Milley should be thrown out of the military and court-martialed. Why would the media only report on this now? Why is it okay for these so-called journalists to hold back information until they can cash in on a book? Why does the public accept these pseudo-events as news? Those who don't follow the edicts of the propagandistic press shall perish by it. Afterward, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is the first AG to file a lawsuit against the Biden Administrations' unconstitutional vaccine mandate because it violates the 10th Amendment and the principles of federalism. Perhaps more ironically is the administration's stance on allowing migrants to enter the country illegally and imposing a vaccine mandate on certain citizens based on where they work which is a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Brnovich added that while states may have police powers, the federal government does not. Finally, Sen. Ron Johnson calls the show and shares that President Trump was treated less fairly than any other president, ever. Johnson added that we must recognize that Democrats own the media and they launched an internal coup against their political adversaries.
  • Mark Levin Podcast podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/13/21


    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Article II, Section I, Clause 2 is clear that it gives the broadest power to the state legislatures to decide the time, manner, and place of its elections. In the contested election of 2000, the Supreme Court stepped in to defend the Constitution. In the 2020 election, they refused to intervene in the state of Pennsylvania's overreach. On Sunday, Justice Steven Breyer said that none of the cases brought met the criteria of having four Justices agree to take the case. This program has repeatedly made the case that the Constitution is clear that each state shall appoint the electors they see fit. Breyer was wrong and never cited which criteria he was referring to. Then, serial lying from the Biden Administration continues to go unchecked by the media. Even FDA officials are stepping down because they disagree with President Biden and Anthony Fauci's push for booster shots. Forcing people to get vaccinated is not the same as keeping a clean workplace under OSHA standards. Later, Secretary Antony Blinken is questioned by members of Congress and offers little in his responses on Afghanistan. When pressed on why nothing is being done to get Americans out of Afghanistan, Blinken said he was unaware of any such problems. Afterward, Curtis Sliwa, the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City joins the show to explain how he's in the battle for a lifetime to save the City of New York. His opponent Eric Adams poses as a moderate when he's as far to the left as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and was mentored by Al Sharpton. Finally, California is no longer the land of opportunity, and it needs to be helped by Larry Elder.

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