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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/5/21

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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden's administration is redefining language to justify his horrific policies. Marxists lie over and over again until people believe it. The word infrastructure has always meant physical structures like roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports. Yet, a big percentage of the bill has nothing to do with infrastructure. This is the biggest rip-off of the American people by redistributing the wealth of red states to blue states in order to weaken the Republican party so they can have one-party control. Democrats didn't just stop at redefining the meaning of infrastructure but they're redefining, racism, gender, and a plethora of others. The left defined the term trickle-down economics which does not exist, the American economy works from the bottom up because the consumers decide where and how they will spend their money, what Biden is creating is a trickle-down government economy that reaches the people last, not first. Then, why does George Soros attack America? Soros is so wealthy because he manipulates currency and is betting against America. Later, Lebron James would rather speak about systemically racist America than systemically genocidal communist China. Lebron is a typical liberal and a fraud. Major League Baseball has now entered into an agreement with a Chinese firm backed by the Communist Party of China. Texas Governor Greg Abbott rejects MLB in Texas from throwing out the first pitch to hosting an all-star game. Afterward, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis corrects the media's fake narrative on vaccine distribution after CBS News's 60 Minutes airs deceptively edited clip to push disinformation. DeSantis lauded the Publix supermarket chain and pharmacies as the most successful vaccine distribution option for Florida's seniors.

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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/13/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the CDC and President Biden told the country that masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals, as much as Biden wants to take credit for this it was Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that got us this far. It was the leadership of state Governors like Ron DeSantis who led Florida through this pandemic without destroying their economy or denigrating citizens. Then, Economist Milton Friedman taught that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom. The less economic freedom we have the less political freedom we have. This is why the left uses the climate change de-growth movement to change the American economic system through Marxist ideas. Now the economy is suffering, pipelines are getting hacked and ransom is being paid, and America's energy infrastructure is much less safe as a result. The Green New Deal will be much worse than this current cyber-attack. Biden is a human pandemic and the ransomware president! Later, the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, is praising the anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party for abandoning Israel amidst an onslaught of rocket fire. Yet, Speaker Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Biden have done nothing to stop or condemn members of Congress for going against an American ally and rooting for terrorists. Synagogues were burned and rockets were fired at apartment buildings by Hamas. Interestingly, no mosques were targeted by the Israelis. Afterward, Bill O'Reilly calls in to discuss his new book, Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/12/21


    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Republicans that trash the Tea Party and stand against liberty are the problem. America is facing a movement that is destroying the country and Rep. Liz Cheney and the Bush family are attacking Trump supporters because they have no clue of how serious the threat is. The issue with Liz Cheney is not about Liz Cheney, but its illustrative of a larger problem. A RINO problem that predates Trump and has been antagonistic toward Constitutional conservatives for decades. Liz Cheney should stand up for Liberty instead of claiming some false mantle of never-Trump leadership. Later, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in with his reaction to Liz Cheney's ouster from GOP leadership. McCarthy explained that out of all America's problems Liz Cheney was focused on Trump, not on Biden's weakness on China, the impending inflation, or our out-of-control border. McCarthy quipped that even Sen. Bernie Sanders is more conservative than Joe Biden. Then, educational materials are being used to indoctrinate students under the dangerous guise of critical race theory. These curricula pose questions like "is everyone equal?" Parents are speaking up and one mom in Virginia gave an eloquent rebuke of Critical Race Theory to her school board. Afterward, Former Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer joins the show from Israel to describe what the recent terrorist rocket attacks were like. Dermer added that a heavy price must be exacted on Hamas to restore deterrence not just restoring security. This was done by eliminating several Hamas commanders. Hamas commits war crimes in these attacks by targeting Israeli civilians and launching these rockets from Hamas bunkers hidden next to schools and hospitals where they use civilian women and children as human shields. Hamas does this with the hope that Israel will be portrayed as the aggressors by propagandists in the media. Dermer added that much of Hamas' support comes from Iran and any deal that leads to nuclear Iran destabilize the entire Middle East region.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/11/21


    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, war is breaking out in the Middle East because of President Biden's provocative foreign policy, which is being exploited by America's enemies. This conflict would end if the Hamas terrorists, funded by the Islamo-Nazi Regime in Tehran, would stop firing rockets into Israel and if the media would stop criticizing Israel for defending itself against Palestinian terrorist aggression. Then, the Democrat Party is the Party of American Marxism. In the name of expanding voting and eliminating so-called "Jim Crow", the Democrat Party is destroying America's election system. Democrats play by one set of loosely held rules and the rest of America obey another set of rules. Later, the cyberhackers have done to the Colonial Pipeline exactly what Joe Biden did to the Keystone Pipeline - they shut it down. The environmental movement is an off-shoot of the larger Marxist movement that sees inequalities and injustices such as environmental racism. Similarly, the de-growth movement is designed to eviscerate capitalism through a myriad of sub-movements. Afterward, freedom of the mind, our ability to reason and be an individual human being are all under attack by the new Americanized Marxism.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/10/21


    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Israeli police have been called in to keep the peace in an uprising in Jerusalem. Hamas took advantage of the crisis and fired rockets into the region hurting hundreds. The Biden administration is causing great damage by pretending that both sides are at fault when this was clearly a one-sided attack. Then, a Russian front group has Cyber-hacked an east coast oil pipeline. Biden's softness is being tested and he's called for both the cyber gang and the energy company to calm down. Later, the IRS is claiming a backlog of tax returns because of faulty printers. The agency is behind by 32%. Yet, the crime of being a Trump supporter is clear. Individuals that merely attended the Capitol Riot are having their civil rights trampled and America is silent. 1500 inmates are kept in their cells for 22-hours per day as they await their trial. This egregious violation has made few headlines in Washington DC even garnering rebukes from Sen.'s Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin. Afterward, Biden claims that his American Rescue Plan is working yet unemployment is high, fuel costs are high, and the deficit spending has been unprecedented.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/7/21


    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Joe Biden predicted one million jobs this quarter and he only delivered 266K, while the country makes a significant return to inflation. Biden has destroyed our education system with indoctrination, destroyed race relations, college sports, and American-made energy. Biden is as close to a dictator as America has ever had and the Democrats strive to have one-party rule. If Biden knew that the dark days were coming, why would he create an economic catastrophe with the Democrats' massive deficit spending. Then, Sean Hannity calls in to discuss the importance of Mark Levin's new book "American Marxism." Hannity mentioned how destructive Biden's policies are to the causes of liberty, the free market, and the Constitution. Hannity added that Americans must use their passion to save their country. Regarding vaccines, Donald Trump moved heaven and earth to ensure the faster possible vaccine research and distribution without sacrificing quality. Yet, Biden just sits there and claims credit for Trump's vaccines while playing nice with his pals in communist China by trying to give them America's vaccine research by voiding patents. Afterward, Joe Biden is breathing life into the vile regime of Iran after Trump had weakened them. Biden's move to re-instate the old Obama-era Iran nuclear deal without seeking a treaty should have republicans seeking his impeachment.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/6/21


    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, tens of thousands of migrant children continue to be placed in tents due to overfilled detention facilities. President Biden just keeps moving them to disguise the anarchy at the Southern border. Professors and scholars with a voice in Biden's administration are driving Marxist policies and ideas like internal colonialism. They claim that Americans and their leaders ignore history and are illegitimate because it's the migrants that are true inhabitants of this land, not citizens. This current illegal immigration surge is a push to change the US demographic to match the left's current Critical Race Theory propaganda." Then, Mara Gay from the NY Times Editorial Board spouts off that the GOP is only "animated" by Trumpism and "xenophobia." Gay neglected to address the inflammatory propaganda that her paper has published. Later, Democrats have created a schism that takes away jobs from American workers (including union workers), massive tax increases, and Americanized Marxism, and it's called the American Jobs Plan.
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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/5/21


    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Rep Liz Cheney is a problem because she is throwing in with democrats and the media with her hate for Donald Trump. She threw in with the mob to try and overthrow Trump even before January 6th, and has no proof whatsoever that Trump instigated a riot. She is one of many Republicans to play into the leftist narrative that January 6th was an armed insurrection led by a sitting president, a complete lie. It’s Trump that has been the victim since before his presidency with one hoax after another. Facebook embraces the support from weak Republicans like Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger, and is using it to uphold their ban of Trump from the platform. Facebook and Twitter act like a government within a government, an oligopoly that threatens our right to free speech, and continue to abuse their government immunity and make it impossible to sue them. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg became billionaires by selling our data, and used that money to influence the 2020 election. Democrats aren’t praising Liz Cheney because they like her; she’s just enabling their Marxist takeover. If we as Americans don’t take steps to preserve our country and our culture, it’s not going to happen. Also, Federal judge and Obama appointee Amy Berman Jackson that has targeted Trump officials like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, and is now going after Attorney General Bill Barr and how he reached his decision to not charge President Trump. Everything about Jackson and her rogue courtroom is a disgrace. We have prosecutorial abuse of Trump and everyone around him, and Amy Berman Jackson is just the latest judge to continue the attack. We’ve already seen how Judge Emmitt Sullivan treated Michael Flynn, and they should all be disbarred for it
  • Mark Levin Podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/4/21


    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, what is the biggest crisis facing the US right now? Iran and the US are close to reaching a deal and the Biden administration is paying Iran to come to the table. The border is still not secure, there is still sexual assault and Texas is turning purple right before our eyes. Significant inflation is kicking in due to the profligate spending and confiscatory taxes. This prevents the most successful people from succeeding and will hurt many. Also, the Biden administration added 2.5 million residents to the 2020 census data. This determines how many Congressional seats are assigned to each state. There are currently only five vacant seats so three or four seats make a big difference on whether Democrats stay in power in 2022. Marxists have secreted themselves into every level of our culture and it's hurting our country. Then, American patriots cannot leave it to others to tell us how to live and whether our children will memorize America-hating curriculums. Silence, capitulation, or acquiescence to the Marxists will only embolden and strengthen them. We have allowed them to lie and indoctrinate children for 120 years and we can't allow a loud Marxist political minority to take over this country! Patriots like Jack Levin and Rush Limbaugh would say "Bravo!, Keep Fighting!" Later, why isn't there a poll that showed whether more Democrat voters or more Republican voters are on welfare? The Democrats would want to shut down welfare.
  • Mark Levin Podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/3/21


    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats and their ally in the teacher's unions lobby the CDC which has become politicized and they're politicizing the classrooms of America's children and their health. Big Democrat cities obey the "follow the science" mantra to get the tax dollars of rural and suburban areas while they squander their own. Then, Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss billionaire, is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the American political system by way of donations to groups supporting Marxist-Progressive ideas. While claiming to be apolitical, Wyss seems to solely support Democrat causes while the media chases Rudy Giuliani. Democrats pose the pretext of taking action on "dark money" while simultaneously allowing Wyss' foreign billions to build political infrastructure. Later, Levinites need to take their liberty back from Marxists and we need to do it non-violently because all Americans aren't Antifa. Nikole Hannah Jones, founder of the "1619 Project" claims Gov DeSantis and other critics of Critical Race Theory have not even read the teachings. This revisionist racist poison is spreading through academia, the media, and our government. This is a Marxist movement hellbent on destruction and violence wrapped in the patina of "free speech” instead of indoctrination and propaganda. Afterward, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken all but called on China to attack Taiwan. President Biden is a mix of our worst presidents - Carter and Obama. Finally, Dr. Kenneth Hartmann of calls in to discuss his annual online event honoring high school seniors enlisting in the U.S. armed services after graduation.
  • Mark Levin Podcast

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/30/21


    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, there's a serious question as to whether the Biden Administration manipulated the census numbers to mitigate the negative fallout of Democrats losing seats in the house based on population. Nancy Pelosi claims she's not concerned that the latest census will eliminate Democrat house seats after the recent growth in Latinos because of immigration. No society can withstand mass migration; this is a concept that even Democrats once agreed with. For more than 50 years the Democrats have been deceiving the public about the elimination of immigration quotas from any one particular region of the globe. Cesar Chavez a prominent Democrat and agriculture labor leader vehemently opposed illegal immigration because of the detriment it had on Americans of Hispanic heritage. Then, Biden is stopping military veterans from meeting up in the pentagon parking due to COVID but allows thousands to cram into border facilities that are only designed to house hundreds at. Later, LatCrit is a theory that the U.S. has never belonged to White Europeans but instead to indigenous people and no White person can dictate that. Afterward, Oprah Winfrey's book calls for a strengthened sense of self-worth while she supports people that call most Americans racist. Finally, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins the show to reveal the truth behind the aggressive unconstitutional harassment and breach of his Attorney-Client privilege.

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