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The 3 Levers To Use To Exponentially Grow Your Shopify Business with Kaleb Ufton

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Podcast Episode 195 of the Make Each Click Count Podcast features Kaleb Ufton, the co-founder of eCommerce Wizards.

Kaleb, with his eclectic background in hypnosis, programming, and digital marketing, shares his insights on concentrating on cost per acquisition, average order value, and lifetime value—key factors in customer retention and acquisition metrics.

Join Andy and Kaleb as they uncover quick wins to improve average order value and lifetime customer value and discuss the importance of building a trust-centered website. Plus, Kaleb gives us his take on where e-commerce is heading in the next 12-18 months and shares the books that shaped his journey as an entrepreneur.

Stay tuned as Kaleb explores his unique approach to business and learns more about how his mastermind group is striving to create 1,000 e-commerce millionaires.

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Andy Splichal is the World's Foremost Expert on Ecommerce Growth Strategies. He is the acclaimed author of the Make Each Click Count Book Series, the Founder & Managing Partner of True Online Presence, and the Founder of Make Each Click Count University. Andy was named to The Best of Los Angeles Award's Most Fascinating 100 List in both 2020 and 2021.

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