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Erin Holbert: Young Indiana Woman Returns to Family Farm – Builds Her Own Brand/Biz

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Machinery Pete stops in Dana, IN to interview Erin Holbert on the family farm she returned to a couple of years ago. From the cab of their John Deere 8420 tractor back in October 2019 Holbert created her own online clothing store, “Heart of the Midwest”, which has grown rapidly. Holbert proceeded in short order to build massive social media and Youtube followings, now with nearly 60,000 Youtube subscribers. Impressive American entrepreneurial spirit at work in the heartland.

  • [:33] - Preview of conversation with Erin Holbert
  • [3:34] - Interview begins
  • [4:22] - Erin’s background growing up on a farm
  • [7:19] - Balancing her business with farming and favorite shirt designs
  • [13:32] - Social media success
  • [16:50] - Helping baby raccoons
  • [19:39] - Sprayer tire accident story
  • [25:20] - Erin’s love of writing and creating cooking videos
  • [33:15] - Final words from Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete was founded in 1989 and has grown from its humble beginnings to a full-fledged marketplace for farming equipment. Greg Peterson, founder and host, has also released Machinery Pete content across platforms including YouTube with his long-running Machinery Pete TV show.

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