M3Wood Golf podcast

M3Wood Golf


This is an expansion from the YouTube Channel: M. 3-Wood Golf. Hopefully, you enjoy the therapeutic ramblings of two golfers and follow along as they breakdown PGA happenings, on course issues, and many current events.

10 Episodes

  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Music on the Golf Course


    Adam and Chad welcome Local Legend "Coach" to the podcast to talk about music on the golf course and discuss their preferences of audible delicacy.
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Golf Movies


    Chad and Adam welcome local golf legend (coach) Steve Abbett to the podcast and they discuss the different golf movies that exist; which is their favorite and why.   SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

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  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Building the Ultimate Golfer


    Chad is back from his time off (due to injury) and he and Adam discuss what the best combination of PGA players would be for creating the ultimate golfer.
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Bob and Sports Betting


    Adam welcomes back Bob and they chat about sports betting and whether or not is a good thing or bad thing when it comes to the future of sporting events.
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Golf Betting with Bob


    Adam and Bob talk about betting on the golf course - some of the crazier situations and whether or not it is a good thing or a bad thing!   SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Bob's Portnoy Predictions


    Bob stops by and chats about his predictions for his Portnoy Challenge Redemption!   SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Swing Adjustments and Getting Fitted


    Chad and Adam continue their chat about getting fitted for golf clubs and going through swing adjustments. Let us know what you think and as always...   SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M3W - Greatest Athlete Ever


    Brent Kunkel and Bob Vanderkolk are welcomed to the podcast and discuss who is the greatest athlete to ever walk the face of the earth - important issues for all of mankind... we know.
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M. 3-Wood Golf: Sub70 Golf


    On this podcast we chat about Chad's current love interest: Sub70 Golf. We talk about what is in the bag, and the exciting expectations of this upcoming year.
  • M3Wood Golf podcast

    M. 3-Wood Golf: Patrick Reed, Nike, Hawaii


    We are off.... Maiden Voyage has set sail in the Podcast realm! We discuss the Sentry Open, Sony Open, and of course... Patrick Reed! If you like what you hear, check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFfpYfuQm3LCld7ZB96PLQ   #SPREADtheWORD

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